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Starfield fans are losing it trying to work out what this Cube is

If you want to know what this dot-covered Starfield Cube item is and what the puzzle means, you're not alone and both Xbox and PC players have theories aplenty.

Starfield Cube item puzzle: an image of a woman with two cubes in front of a Stargate

Bethesda’s Starfield presents players with a rich galaxy full of adventures and action to explore; however, it’s not short on its mystery and secrets, either. While some of these secrets are quite straightforward and easy enough to understand, there are quite a few that take a little more time to work out. This strange Starfield Cube item, though, is fully stumping players; there are some theories emerging online, but some players are just losing it.

We know Starfield is one of the best RPG games out there at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t seriously frustrating fans – at least, some of the time. You can loot any Starfield item you want using this trick, which solves one frustration, but the solution to the Cube isn’t quite as forthcoming. Despite being a miscellaneous item you can find in Starfield right from the start, only now has Redditor ‘SomeBlueDude12‘ asked the Starfield community for help understanding this “horrible item”.

As you can see for yourself below, ‘SomeBlueDude12’ has stitched some images of the Cube’s sides together to make sense of it all; but, this was to no avail. Thankfully, the Starfield community is rising to the challenge – sort of – and coming up with all sorts of theories as to what this Cube means.

The leading theory, from what we can see, is that this item is a reference to a Stargate ‘locational die’. As explained by a handful of fans, you need at least six symbols to work out a fixed point in space – in Stargate – and then a seventh symbol – your location – to “make a full address”. With the Cube’s six sides showing a seemingly random selection of dots on grids, this could very-well be something that shows players to a specific location on one of the 1,000 Starfield planets out there. When you think about all the subtle Star Wars easter eggs in Starfield, and Starfield easter eggs in general, a reference to Stargate really isn’t too hard to believe.

byu/SomeBlueDude12 inStarfield

However, a physical locational die isn’t actually a thing in Stargate. It’s more of a useful way of describing how a stargate uses six points of reference to identify a location, creating a die-like shape around the space (in theory), before using the seventh location to link the two. It’s a little complicated, and not something physically represented on a cube.

So, who knows whether this is truly the case. Stargate is one of the best sci-fi series of all time and a reference to it would be welcome. Although, you have to imagine there are easier ways to pay homage to the series.

Other theories just suggest that this is some futuristic Rubik’s Cube – or a puzzle cube in general. ‘SomeBlueDude12’ is convinced that it doesn’t add up enough to be a working and solvable puzzle. However, as one commenter points out, there’s simply no way of knowing how to ‘solve it’ without knowing the rules of the Cube. Some Starfield fans, though, suggest that this is actually a digital puzzle – one where the location of the dots can theoretically change. This would mean they really are as random as they seem.

What do we think about the Starfield Cube, though? Well, we really want to believe that this is a key to a secret location where you can find one of the best Starfield weapons or best Starfield ships – or something equally as useful. However, it seems much more likely that this is just more clutter – a random puzzle cube with random dots on it.

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Will someone ever work it out? We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, though, you can check out the best Starfield outpost locations here and what happens when you cave to the biggest Starfield scammer right here. It’s certainly a funny way to waste credits.

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