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Bethesda fans already “can’t stand” their Starfield companions

You'll make a lot of friends across the galaxy, but some Starfield players are growing tired of their Starfield companions from Constellation already.

Starfield constellation companions

The Beatles said it best when they sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” That much is true in Starfield, as choosing from the list of Starfield companions can lead to some glowing friendships, or even Starfield romance options. However, not every adventurer is privy to their charms, as players diving in on Xbox and PC aren’t enamored with the Constellation team.

With over 2,500 upvotes after Starfield’s launch on Xbox and PC, players are siding with Redditor ‘DomGriff’ who says that “I’ll be honest my dudes, I can’t stand these ‘main four’ companions.” In a big, sprawling Bethesda RPG, variety is the spice of life. Despite the player’s attempts to make good with his companions, it isn’t meant to be: “The constant nagging and finger wagging when I’m not being a squeaky clean ‘good guy’ or engage in a little petty theft is just too much.”

Furthermore, the Redditor languishes that Starfield’s companions aren’t geared toward the kind found in previous Bethesda adventures. “I don’t get how we didn’t get any companions written comparable to the Serena from Skyrim, Curie, Cait, Dogmeat, Ada, or Nick from Fallout 4,” explains the Starfield player.

A call for “evil companions” comes from ‘GeneralGrom‘, as they want to embrace their dark side. “The problem is that there are currently no evil companion as far as I know. Some companions from Crimson Fleet, Ecliptic Mercenaries, Spacers, etc. would’ve been nice,” says the Redditor.

I’ll be honest my dudes, I can’t stand these "main four" companions.
by u/DomGriff in Starfield

DomGriff isn’t alone in the universe, as other fans are venting their frustrations. “It seems so dumb to me that they make a big deal of having ‘no rules’ and accepting morally ambiguous members when you join Constellation, but then Sarah constantly bitches about you breaking rules,” says ‘shadowbred’.

On the subject of Constellation’s moral code, Redditor ‘Phasmamain’ comments that “the Constellation is set up to be a morally ambiguous faction, but all [the] members are in it for a good cause. Feels like a missed opportunity for inter faction conflict between members that the player could interact with.”

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Starfield fan ‘Pristine-Example-824’ praises his time with Barrett so far: “I’ve been running with Barrett recently, he doesn’t bitch about stealing. He’ll say things like ‘Yoink!’ and ‘I think you got away with it’ when you steal. He also has some pretty funny dialogue.”

Sarah Morgan Starfield companions

While Constellation’s conflict might be lacking for some players, your words do have impact in Starfield. Currying favor with Constellation members, or individuals in other Starfield factions, can lead to otherwise hidden rewards or overlooked interactions as you explore the galaxy. Having recently completed all the main Starfield missions, I implore you to consider your decisions carefully.

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