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Star Wars Outlaws’ hot droid ND-5 actually only has one trench coat

Open-world experience Star Wars Outlaws is going to be massive, and we now know whether you'll be able to customize the hot droid ND-5 on Xbox, PS5, and PC.

Star Wars Outlaws ND-5 cosmetics customization: An image of the droid leaning on a bar

If you’re looking forward to Star Wars Outlaws and the fact that developer Massive Entertainment is trying to emulate 1970s camera lenses to deliver an authentic experience in A Galaxy Far, Far Away, you might be wondering where cosmetics and customization come into things. All the best RPG games offer some sort of customization options and we don’t think it’s outrageous to think that Star Wars Outlaws is going to be different. We’ve already seen protagonist Kay Vess rocking two different fits, but what about the hot droid? Well, we have some bad news there. It looks like ND-5 only has the one trench coat.

Despite not finding out more information on Star Wars Outlaws’ release date (although, that’s something of an impossible task right now), content creator ‘AZZATRU‘ was able to speak with creative director Julian Gerighty and narrative director Navid Khavari during San Diego Comic-Con and found out that everyone’s favorite ‘hot droid’ ND-5 isn’t something you’ll be able to customize. But, is that even a bad thing?

When asked whether Star Wars Outlaws fans can alter the appearance of ND-5 and Nix, Gerighty explained that ND-5 is “perfect just as he is” – ruling out any comsetic customization options. He did, however, add that “Nix might have some customization”. Gerighty was clear that this was a comment made to “keep some mystery” around the cosmetics customization options; although, it sounds like there’s going to be something in there for those of you who want to change Nix a little bit.

You can find these comments at the 03:40 mark of the video below:

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A veteran of the Clone Wars, ND-5 is a BX-series droid commando who fell into the role of an enforcer – of sorts – during the imperial era. It’s clear that he’s no-longer connected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems in any meaningful way, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a ‘good guy’. From what we know so far, he’s going to help Kay Vess pull off her magnificant heist – but, we don’t really know the details of his involvement there. What we do know is that no one can rock a trench coat quite like him – hence the ‘hot droid’ allegations.

Is this glaring omission going to stop Star Wars Outlaws becoming one of the best PS5 Star Wars games and best Xbox Star Wars games out there? We really doubt that. Massive Entertainment’s Star Wars Outlaws is shaping up to be one of the best open world games we’ll be fortunate enough to play.

Sure, you’re going to need to play nice with Star Wars Outlaws’ syndicates to make the most of your time in the Outer Rim, but this game sounds like it’s going to be absolutely massive – in scale and scope. So, we can imagine there will be more than enough to do – even if customizing ND-5 isn’t one of them.