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Star Wars Jedi Survivor brings back your favourite prequel era enemies

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features multiple enemies from the prequel trilogy, but they'll be no match for Cal Kestis' new Lightsaber combat skills.

Cal Kestis against prequel era battles in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Be it Attack of The Clones or Revenge of The Sith, the Star Wars prequel trilogy actually has a fair few bright spots in there. Interspersed within Anakin’s descent to the Dark side of the Force, there are many, many different enemies. Star Wars Jedi Survivor will see a selection of them return, following their extinction in the recent sequel trilogy – though they won’t be a match for Cal’s improved combat skills.

Following the recent Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay reveal at IGN, astute Star Wars fans have been digging into each and every detail. Specifically, Star Wars enthusiast ‘Aikon505‘ over at the game’s Reddit page notes that there will be “11 enemies to face in [Star Wars] Jedi Survivor.” While we’ve seen beasties like Wyyyschokk’s and Ogddo’s in Fallen Order, the upcoming sequel will feature the likes of numerous Droids from the prequel era. Roger, Roger indeed – B1 Droids are back in town.

But they aren’t the only ones firing lasers at you. Players can also expect to fight B2 Droids and Droidekas, which have made appearances in the Clone Wars animated show and other galactic adventures. The B1 Droids came to prominence with the release of the Phantom Menace, while Droidekas notably attempted to foil Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during the opening of the third prequel entry. We sure loved the Lego sets of that battle back in the day.

The arrival of these Droids is significant, as Cal’s journey is set only a few years after the fall of the Jedi Order. Canonically, by the time we reach the adventures of Luke Skywalker, many of these enemies have fallen victim to time itself. And if the rumours of an Obi-Wan Kenobi cameo are more than Force whispers – it could be a mammoth moment to witness.

11 enemies to face in Jedi survivor (droidika confirmed) from FallenOrder

But their existence in Jedi Survivor will only be fleeting, though. Cal Kestis returns with a new sense of understanding in regard to Lightsaber combat. The latest gameplay showcase displays sleeker combat animations and executions, enforcing that Cal has developed his knowledge of the several forms/stances of Lightsaber combat. To make scrap parts out of the B2 Droids, Cal uses a variation of the Jar’Kai form – which is to make use of dual Lightsabers.

We saw Cal experiment with this form in Fallen Order, but things have changed drastically since we last saw him. Now, switching between Jar’Kai and the traditional Shii-Cho forms (one Lightsaber) is breezier than ever. However, we are still yet to see worthwhile footage of the game’s blaster mechanics.

So, get studying and refine the Jedi Knight arts before we roll around to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date, as well as all the upcoming PS5 games set to make a splash in 2023.