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How to get all the Remnant 2 Nimue crafting items

Find out how to get all the Remnant 2 Nimue crafting items in the game and unlock them for purchase so you can grab some unique gear and weapons.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: Nimue can be seen

How do you unlock the Remnant 2 Nimue crafting items? This NPC found in Losomn can provide you with various gear pieces. Unfortunately, only a couple are available at the start. The rest have various requirements. You definitely need to do multiple Adventure Mode runs if you want to receive all possible rewards. Our guide discusses Remnant 2 Nimue crafting, the items, as well as the best methods for you to obtain them.

Available now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC Nimue is one of many secrets tucked away in the world of Remnant 2. While you’re farming zones to unlock Nimue’s wares, you might also want to check out the best Remnant 2 weapons, best Remnant 2 rings, and best Remnant 2 amulets you can grab in the game. These will help boost your character as you battle numerous enemies and farm materials.

How to get all the Remnant 2 Nimue crafting items

There are eight Remnant 2 crafting items that can be obtained from Nimue with the required materials and accessories:

  • Consumable: Faerie Needle — Available by default; can be purchased for 200 Scrap.
  • Ring: Hex Ward — Available by default; can be purchased for 3 Lumenite Crystals.
  • Melee weapon: Assassin’s Dagger — Give Nimue the Assassin’s Dagger quest item instead of using it to complete the Council Chamber quest.
  • Handgun: Rune Pistol — Exchange the Ravenous Medallion for the Decrepit Rune via the Nightweaver’s web.
  • Relic: Tranquil Heart — Obtain the Override Pin, then exchange it for the Tormented Heart via the Nightweaver’s Web.
  • Amulet: Nimue’s Ribbon — Can be crafted once you have both the Silver Ribbon and Golden Ribbon.
  • Amulet: One True King Sigil — Can be crafted once you have both Faelin’s Sigil and Faerin’s Sigil.
  • Long gun: Crescent Moon — Hit Nimue with the Dreamcatcher while she’s sleeping.

Only the Faerie Needle and Hex Ward are available from the get-go. The rest appear as red boxes, denoting that you still need specific materials before they can be crafted.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: Nimue's crafting screen can be seen

If you want to acquire all Remnant 2 Nimue items without too much hassle, then make sure that your campaign in Losomn starts in Morrow Parish. This focuses on the Nightweaver main quest in Morrow Sanatorium. This location has the Nightweaver’s Web and Dreamcatcher weapon.

Since there are items that you need to exchange via the Nightweaver’s Web, you can speed things up in your campaign, as opposed to looking for this point of interest in each Adventure Mode run. You can learn more in our Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss guide.

As for Nimue herself, you’ll find her in Nimue’s Retreat. In Nightweaver or Morrow Parish runs the entrance to this area is in Morrow Sanatorium. In Faerin/Faelin or Beatific Palace runs you’ll want to go down the elevator that leads to the cellar. Halfway through the shaft, you’ll spot another corridor. Roll or jump to reach it, then follow the tunnel to Nimue’s Retreat.

Lastly, bear in mind that collecting all of these materials will take some time. As such, be prepared for Adventure Mode rerolls to farm the materials you need.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: The Decrepit Run can be seen

How to get the Assassin’s Dagger

  • Required item: Assassin’s Dagger (quest item)
  • Location: Council Chamber and Council Tribunal
  • Losomn boss arc: Any

For this item, you need to reach the Council Chamber so you can complete the puzzle therein. Look at the colors of the keys on the dais of each high councilor. Then, go to the Council Tribunal and place the colored keys so that they match the ones in the previous area.
The room beyond should open. Climb to the back of the statue and pick up the Assassin’s Dagger. Instead of presenting it to the council members, bring it to Nimue to receive a weapon.

The Assassin’s Dagger has the Bloodthirst mod, which increases your damage by 25% against bleeding enemies and those you attack from behind. Charge attacks also deal 250 bleeding damage over 10 seconds.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: The Dagger can be seen

How to get the Rune Pistol

  • Required item: Ravenous Medallion and Decrepit Rune
  • Location: Great Hall and Morrow Sanatorium
  • Losomn boss arc: Any

Once you reach the Great Hall dungeon, look for a dumbwaiter that takes you to the kitchen. You’ll find the Ravenous Medallion on a kiln next to some sacks and ingredients. However, instead of using it to open the feasting area, make your way to the Nightweaver Web in Morrow Sanatorium’s basement. Interact with the web and hand over the Ravenous Medallion to turn it into the Decrepit Rune. Bring this to Nimue so you can craft the Rune Pistol.

The Rune Pistol fires a three-round burst by default. It also has the Soul Brand mod, which applies the brand to all enemies within 25 meters, lasting 25 seconds. Enemies killed while they’re branded leave behind echoes that restore 20% of max HP.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: The Ravenous Heart can be seen

How to get the Tranquil Heart

  • Required item: Override Pin and Tormented Heart
  • Location: N’erud Timeless Horizon and Morrow Sanatorium
  • N’erud boss arc: Seeker’s Keys/Sha’hala

This Remnant 2 Nimue item requires you to head to the N’erud biome. Specifically, you must have the main quest where you look for Seeker’s Keys.

Along the way, look for a facility in the Timeless Horizon, the second overworld zone, which happens to have a hidden passageway. This lets you pick up the Override Pin. We discuss this in detail in our Sha’hala boss guide, since it’s also the alternate kill method for the boss. But, it’s imperative that you don’t use it for that battle. Instead, bring it to the Nightweaver’s Web in Morrow Sanatorium, and exchange it for the Tormented Heart relic.

Once you have the Tormented Heart, return to Nimue so you can craft the Tranquil Heart relic. By default, it passively grants health regeneration for 2.3 HP per second and, when used, it doubles all regeneration for 15 seconds.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: The location of an item can be seen with an arrow pointing towards it

How to get Nimue’s Ribbon

  • Required item: Silver Ribbon and Golden Ribbon
  • Location: Gilded Chamber or Council Chamber, followed by Beatific Gallery and Malefic Gallery
  • Losomn boss arc: The Mural/Faelin and Faerin; may also work for Nightweaver runs

The first item you need is the Plain Ribbon. This can be found in either the Gilded Chamber or Council Chamber. If you do spot it, look for a small courtyard with two statues. Place the Plain Ribbon to tie the hands of the statues together.

From there, proceed onward until you can challenge either Faerin or Faelin. Here’s what happens next:

  • If you defeat Faerin, the “light” boss in the Beatific Palace, the Plain Ribbon will turn into the Silver Ribbon. Return to the statue to pick it up.
  • If you defeat Faelin, the “dark” boss in the Malefic Palace, the Plain Ribbon will turn into the Golden Ribbon. As usual, pick it up once you’re able to.
  • In our experience, the Plain Ribbon that we got after our Nightweaver boss run turned into a Silver Ribbon, too.
  • Both the Golden Ribbon and Plain Ribbon are required to craft Nimue’s Ribbon. As such, this means doing at least two extra Adventure Mode runs.

Once you have both items, bring them to Nimue so you can get the Nimue’s Ribbon. This amulet increases relic healing effectiveness by 50%. Activating a relic also grants haste for 25 seconds.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: The Golden Ribbon can be seen

How to get the One True King Sigil

  • Required item: Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil
  • Location: Beatific Gallery and Malefic Gallery
  • Losomn boss arc: The Mural/Faelin and Faerin only

The Remnant 2 One True King Sigil can be yours while you’re trying to get the Silver Ribbon and Golden Ribbon. That’s because the necessary sigils also require you to take out Faerin and Faelin. Basically, you need to defeat one boss, then talk to its counterpart in the other version of the castle:

  • For instance, after you beat Faelin in the Beatific Gallery, go to Faerin in the Malefic Gallery. He’ll then give you a sigil.
  • On your next run, take out Faerin, then speak with Faelin for the other sigil.

After obtaining both sigils, return to Nimue to craft the One True King Sigil. It increases mod damage by 20%. Likewise, it enhances the effects of Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil by 50% per sigil that you equip. Unfortunately, because you did use those sigils to craft this item, you’ll have to farm the two bosses again.

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: Faelin's Sigil can be seen

How to get the Crescent Moon

  • Required item: Dreamcatcher
  • Location: Nimue’s Retreat

Last but not least, you can obtain the secret Crescent Moon bow from Nimue if you hit her with the Dreamcatcher weapon while she’s sleeping. This nets you a consumable that takes you to a dream realm. The material that you find there can be used to make the weapon.

And that’s how you unlock all Remnant 2 Nimue items. With so many farming runs, you’ve likely acquired all sorts of loot, perhaps to further boost classes, such as the Remnant 2 Engineer and Remnant 2 Invader. In any case, you can also find our other top guides in our Remnant 2 walkthrough article.