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Remnant 2 x GFUEL is a Marvel tier crossover you likely didn’t expect

Remnant 2 is collaborating with one of gaming's biggest energy drink brands, GFUEL, ahead of The Awakened King DLC arriving on PS5 and Xbox.

Remnant 2 GFUEL

With games like Fortnite and the Call of Duty franchise ushering in all manners of crossovers, we’re always on our toes to see what unexpected collaborations will appear. Joining them is Remnant 2, as the Soulslike announces a new partnership ahead of The Awakened King DLC, but not one you’re necessarily ready for. If you’re thinking of stocking up on beverages for your next gaming adventure, then the Remnant 2 GFUEL crossover should be of interest to you.

Sorry Avengers Endgame, but Remnant 2 and GFUEL teaming up is a Marvel tier partnership in its own right. That’s if you’re somewhat of a beverage connoisseur. “We partnered with GFUEL Energy to bring you ‘Mudtooth’s Tonic’, a glorious Peach Iced Tea Formula that will aid you as you battle Remnant 2‘s deadly foes,” Gunfire Games confirms in a new social media post. The new GFUEL flavor is complimented by a Remnant 2 shaker, which bears the game’s logo against a gritty background, alongside special edition packaging. 

At the moment, you can’t get your hands on it just yet, as a Remnant 2 GFUEL release date is yet to emerge. However, should you be curious as to what Mudtooth’s Tonic tastes like, you can sign up for the product’s waiting list on the official GFUEL website. Whether you’re creating an amazing Remnant 2 class or collecting all the best Remnant 2 weapons, at least you’ll feel energized during your play through. This new limited-edition flavor comes just after the recent announcement of The Awakened King DLC, which is the first of 3 major expansions for one of the best Soulslike games released this year.

Remnant 2 Gfuel flavor

gfuel remnant 2

The Awakened King explores a brand-new area of Losomn, the gothic tinged area with plenty of Bloodborne influences running through it. Players will eventually battle the One True King, an exceptionally powerful boss looking for revenge. Before you play it, you can experience a series of updates to the game, including progression balances and improvements to the Remnant 2 trait cap.

As for further details on the GFUEL flavor, it retails for $39.99/£29.99, with shipping costs added at checkout. GFUEL describes the product as follows: “Introducing the G FUEL Mudtooth’s Tonic Collector’s Box […]  you’ll unveil a brand-new 24 oz Shaker Cup […] but the real magic happens in every sip as you celebrate the triumphant return of GFUEL’s delicious, fan-favorite Peach Iced Tea.” Mudtooth Tonic comes with approximately 40 servings of GFUEL per tub, which should last for a while as you explore all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games that are fast approaching.

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For more Remnant 2 goodness, we recently spoke with Gunfire Games co-founder David Adams about the game’s future, as well as unexpected influences creeping into the game’s world. Prinicpal designer Ben Cureton also reveals what players can expect weapon-wise in The Awakened King, and what weapon type won’t be appearing down the line.