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Does Redfall have split-screen local co-op?

Find out if Redfall has split-screen play or if you are limited to just playing with friends and family online on PC, Xbox, or Game Pass.

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If you are planning to jump into Arkane’s latest game with some friends or family, you want to know if you can all play in the same room and if Redfall has split-screen local co-op. While the feature is less common these days, it isn’t completely absent from modern games.

So, does Redfall follow the trend of dropping the feature or can you all sit on a couch and slay vampires together combining the various Redfall characters and their abilities and powers? Find out below as we have the answer from our Redfall review playthrough of the shooter.

Does Redfall have split-screen?

Redfall doesn’t have split-screen functionality. The only way to play multiplayer is online and by inviting your friends over Xbox Live.

This will certainly be disappointing to a number of players who were maybe looking for a new game to add to their best Xbox co-op games library. However, the Redfall multiplayer co-op does have a lot of functionality when playing online, although there are some quibbles and strange restrictions you will have to deal with.

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Now you know whether or not Redfall has split-screen play you can decide if grabbing Redfall on Game Pass is right for you. At least with it being on the service you don’t have to buy the game several times if you do want to play with friends. And, if you are jumping in our Redfall walkthrough has tips on various aspects of the game.