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You’re not alone if this PS Plus Black Friday issue happens on PS5

PS Plus Black Friday 2023 deals are live now, but if you're trying to renew your membership for a bargain price, this issue might stop you.

PS Plus Black Friday sales 2023

Like you, we love to snag a great deal on PS Plus, renewing our membership for the months to come. This time of year is perfect for that, as PS Plus Black Friday deals include significant discounts to Sony’s subscription service. However, if you’re using your PS5 to access these deals, oddly enough, there could be obstacles preventing you from using these discounts.

If you’re trying to renew your PS Plus to play all the free PS Plus games currently available, it is possible you aren’t seeing them properly on the PS5′s version of the PlayStation Store. This isn’t a glitch. With many of the best PS5 games currently getting slashed prices, it appears that the fine print contains the reason for missing out on PS Plus membership reductions. If you’re looking for the bigger savings, then unfortunately you’ll only be applicable for them if you’re brand-new to PS Plus. That means a completely fresh account, and not the one you’ve consumed loads of new PS5 games on.

The recent November 13 blog post details that “players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when upgrading a current plan to PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe.” So, while it may seem a little confusing, Sony is effectively making it so that the standard PS Plus membership is the cheapest for newcomers. For those of you who have PS Plus already, higher tiers like Extra and Premium drop to a 25% discount, instead of the more appealing 30%.

Seems like you do get a discount if you’re an existing customer after all
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Despite Sony initially keeping PS Plus discounts absent, PS Plus Black Friday deals are live now, but players like ‘Alarmed_Wish_1270’ are reporting that “for some reason on mine, it’s still trying to charge me £99 for [PS Plus] Extra.”

PS Plus Black Friday began from November 14, but for some regions, it may take some time for the PlayStation Store to reflect every deal properly. Players in Australia are facing the same obstacles, as ‘Kerjj’ says that ‘I’m not seeing it on mobile yet either. I’ve tried the mobile PS+ app, and I’ve tried the web browser on my phone as well. Both are showing the full annual price of $169.95 AUD, and the full monthly price of $18.95 AUD.”

According to ‘WhiteKiteofDoom’, an alleged discussion with PlayStation customer services details that they “spoke to customer support almost 3 hours ago […] so if you are on the full tier you are out of luck.”

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It might be slightly disappointing for PS Plus members with a fully loaded subscription, especially with excellent PS5 exclusives receiving PS Plus exclusive discounts in some instances. There are other deals to take advantage of, though, like this Apple Music PS Plus scheme.