Up to 6 months of free Apple Music is now live for PS5 players

PS5 players can now get up to 6 months of Apple Music, as a new scheme rolls out free Apple Music subscriptions exclusively for PS5 owners.

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There’s one crucial aspect to gaming that some players may overlook, and that is the perfect soundtrack. Thanks to streaming services like Apple Music, overlaying the right playlist or summer banger on your Call of Duty matches is super easy on PS5. However, subscriptions can be a costly thing, so here’s how you can get free Apple Music for a limited-time, just for owning a PlayStation 5 console.

Yeah, that’s right. Just for choosing the PS5 and PS Plus as your preferred haven for playing the best games around, you can utilize an awesome deal through a new Sony and Apple collaboration. According to the recent scheme’s description, PS5 players can “discover even more to love on your PS5 console with up to six free months of Apple Music. Redeem your offer by Friday, November 15, 2024, and listen to over 100 million songs, all ad-free.”

Just like Spotify Premium, you’ll find no interruptions, no product placement, or anything else that hinders the flow of your tunes. To access the deal, which is live now, you’ll of course need a PlayStation Network account, but you’ll also need to set up an Apple ID if you haven’t already. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ve likely already done this, but if not, you can head over to the official Apple website to get it dialed in. Once you’re ready to go, Sony instructs players to carry out these steps:

  • Find the Apple Music app from your PS5 console’s search bar, or find it under ‘All apps’ in Media home
  • Download and open the Apple Music app and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Sign in with your Apple ID or create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one
  • Enjoy up to 6 free months of Apple Music
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The best part of Apple Music is not only do you get access to a wealth of albums, but you can also check out Apple’s original content, which often features popular musicians digging into their careers. Some of this is available on YouTube, but deeper dives and exclusive content is only accessible for Apple Music members. For example, if you want to learn about the songwriting secrets of bands like Foo Fighters, Apple Music regularly recruits presenter Zane Lowe to get the scoop.

Now, there are some caveats with this Apple Music deal. According to Sony, this deal only applies to “new and qualified returning subscribers to Apple Music.” If you’ve already used similar offers for your subscription, it is possible you may not be eligible. Sony further details that the “offer may only be redeemed once per PlayStation 5 console; limit one per Apple Music subscriber […] six months at no extra cost for new subscribers; 5 months at no extra cost for qualified returning subscribers.”

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There you have it, an easy way to keep listening to your favorite tunes for free. Just don’t forget to listen to them while you’re downloading a selection of all the free PS Plus games around, as well as the best PS5 games currently on Sony’s subscription service.