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Palworld reveals four new Pals, then torches one with a flamethrower

A new teaser trailer for Palworld's big summer update on Xbox introduces us to four new pals and shows gameplay of two new weapon types.

Palworld new pals: A split image showing a ginger-haired woman firing a flamethrower and a frog-like creature wearing a karate outfit

Even with all of its reused assets and, erm, close resemblances to Pokémon, Palworld does a pretty impressive job at creating unique-looking Pals for you to catch, battle, or put to work on a production line. Ahead of its upcoming summer update, we’ve been given an early look at four new Pals that are arriving soon to expand the Paldeck further, and gosh darn it I need karate froggo right now. The teaser trailer also appears to reveal two brand new weapons, including a flamethrower.

The ID@Xbox Showcase featured new trailers for several great indies, many of which are destined to join the Xbox Game Pass games library, and Palworld also appeared for a brief cameo. Developer Pocketpair had already confirmed that a “major” summer update was coming to the survival game, with fresh Pals being part of the new content on offer. And now, thanks to this new teaser trailer, we get to check out four of them ahead of time – although they are all currently nameless.

The first – and in my opinion, the best – of the bunch is a chonky little frog/ toad wearing a karate gi and wielding an extremely menacing stick. The open world game has no shortage of cute lil’ guys, and now we’re getting one more. If this Pal isn’t called ‘Karatoad’, then I’ll eat my hat…

We then get a look at a peacock/pheasant/roadrunner-esque bird performing what looks to be a Ground-type move. It looks pretty equal parts majestic and pissed off, but it’s certainly a cool design.

YouTube Thumbnail

This is then followed by a Pal that is levitating in a meditative pose, who we can also see floating around in a very short snippet of gameplay.

Finally, we see a dinosaur-like creature (who appears to use the same head asset as Relaxaurus) but with a skinnier body and mushrooms growing out of its head and tail. We get some lovely shots of him looking rather innocent and adorable, before (in true Palworld style) the trailer cuts to a player torching one with a flamethrower. Cinema.

And yes, you did read that correctly – Palworld is expanding its arsenal to include flamethrowers, it seems. There’s also a brief clip of a player using some kind of laser rifle, so new weaponry is definitely on the way in the summer too.

It’s safe to say my early obsession with Palworld when it hit Game Pass has subsided a bit, but new Pals, weapons, and more will definitely manage to drag me back into the mayhem of the co-op game. The big summer update will also include a dedicated PvP mode, which I’m also excited to try and will make one of the best Xbox Game Pass games even better.

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Despite all the promise of exciting new content for Xbox players, there’s still not been any firm info on a Palworld PS5 port yet, despite Pocketpair recently sounding like it was keen to bring the game to more platforms.

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