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Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer - everything to know

Are you looking for a rundown of Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer and what to expect from it in the racer. Here is what you need to know

Need For Speed Unbound Multiplayer: Multiple characters can be seen by a car

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer, then you are in the right place. This guide will take you through the different options online and what you can expect when playing with friends.

Whether you are all on the same platform or playing between different consoles and PC Lakeshore has a lot to do in its online mode. And, if you are playing Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass through the trial you can also join in on the fun and drive along while head-bopping to the stellar Need For Speed Unbound soundtrack.

Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer

Need For Speed Unbound’s multiplayer is known as Lakeshore Online and offers unique progression for the mode, separate from the story mode. As revealed by EA, in Lakeshore Online you have access to your Garage to customise your cars, engage with driver customisation, and purchase new ones, Freeroam around Lakeshore online, and Meetups to show off your racing skills.

Lakeshore Online will support up to 16 players per server, with race playlists allowing for up to eight human players. When partying with friends, you can race in groups of up to four people with Need For Speed Unbound’s crossplay enabled or disabled. This system also allows you to race with your friends only and no other players, for a competitive trial against one another.

Progression in multiplayer is split apart from the main campaign, but activity progress and collectible progress are shared. You will only receive the bonus for collecting these once though so you will need to choose wisely which mode you complete them in.

Need For Speed Unbound Multiplayer: a character can be seen in the editor changing their customisation options


In your Garage, you can change a whole lot, including your car’s cartoon effects in Need For Speed Unbound, your own character customisation and style with cosmetic items and personalisation, as well as change up how your cars look.

In Lakeshore Online your Banner acts as a representation of your rider and has different art, stickers, audio, and styles to choose from to make it your own.

Need For Speed Unbound Multiplayer: A car can be seen


Freeroam is as it says on the tin. This option allows you to explore Lakeshore from the high hills to the rocky quarry with up to 15 other racers on the same server. In freeroam, there are activities like drift zones, speedruns, speed traps, jumps, collectibles, and a number of event playlists to engage with.

Gas stations can be used to repair your ride or safe houses act as an upgrade pit stop, allowing you to customise your driver or car. Here you can also sell and buy new cars.

Need For Speed Unbound Multiplayer: A person can be seen in a parking lot


When engaging in a meetup, you test other players and ask them to prove their skills on the road. These comprise of multiple race playlists with different tiers of cars to race with. You can also find single-tier race playlists where only one type of car is allowed. Each race playlist has a collection of events from corner king racers, to traditional street races.

As such, you will want to build up a vast library of vehicles to really make the most of what this option offers. The more players in a race playlist, the bigger the reward and the higher the payout for the victor at the end.

There are, however, some caveats to the online mode, there is no pause, meaning that you won’t be able to pause what is happening on the server. In addition, at launch Pinkslip bets, Sidebets, cops, Takeovers, and day and night cycles won’t be available in Lakeshore Online with those slowly being implemented post-launch.

That covers everything you need to know about the Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer. If you are looking for more details on the game and Lakeshore as a whole, our Need For Speed Unbound map guide will take you through what you can expect from the city.