Is Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass?

Do you want to know is Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass? here is how you can indeed play using the service on both console and PC

Need For Speed Unbound Game Pass: A car can be seen racing

Is Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass? EA games on the service have become almost guaranteed at this point thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with EA Play allowing Ultimate subscribers to play a library of games from the publisher. But, there is also a way to get in on brand new games, including Criterion’s latest racer.

But, how does it work and what can you expect when you turn on your Xbox or PC and look to play Need For Speed Unbound either alone or with friends thanks to Need For Speed Unbound crossplay? Well, below, you can find out everything you need to know.

Is Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass?

Need For Speed Unbound will be available on Game Pass Ultimate from November 29, 2022, on PC and Xbox consoles thanks to a 10-hour trial of the game. However, once those ten hours have passed you will not be able to play any more of the game on Game Pass and instead have to purchase it.

Then, it is likely that the game will come to Game Pass proper sometime in late Summer or Fall 2023, allowing you to play the full thing through the service. Most if not all EA games tend to release on Game Pass around 6-12 months after their release, so sometime between July and November seems like a good bet next year.

That covers everything you need to know about Need For Speed Unbound on Game Pass. If you are looking for a brief of what to expect, check out our rundown of Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer and the unique Need For Speed Unbound cartoon effects.