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Need For Speed Unbound cartoon effects guide, customisation, and more

Curious about Need For Speed Unbound's visual effects? Here is a guide to how they work, the options you have, and what you can do with them

Need For Speed Unbound Cartoon Anime Effects: multiple cars with the effects can be seen

Need For Speed Unbound is looking like a radical redefinition of the series with a completely new approach to gameplay. And, on top of a number of new additions, the game is thrust into a new direction thanks to a number of Need For Speed Unbound cartoon effects, which bring your racing to life.

These cartoon effects extend beyond just the smoke from your car tires, or a set of wings while jumping and can be seen all over the game. In fact, all of the NPCs and characters in the game are designed with these effects in mind, giving the game a wholly unique look for the series and any racing game out there.

So, to get an idea of the Need For Speed Unbound cartoon and anime effects, this guide will cover them, as well as how customisable they are.

Need For Speed Unbound cartoon anime effects Explained

Need For Speed Unbound’s cartoon and visual effects can be fully customised to your liking in the game. This customisation is called Tags according to EA and is one of the main ways you can bring your personality to the driving experience, alongside the standard livery options.

These cartoon and anime visual effects come to life when you deploy your boost, drift, jump, get a near miss, and around the world as you are driving. Need For Speed Unbound’s tags have been created from multiple artists across the world, including Sentrock and JC Riviera. On top of these tags, accentuating your driving experience, they can also be added to your cars in the form of Wraps.

These wraps effectively act as stickers that can be added while engaging with Need For Speed Unbound’s car customisation system. And, if you aren’t a fan of them, you can turn off the car and vehicle effects completely.

Need For Speed Unbound Cartoon Anime Effects: A car can be seen driving past with pink effects

The small ‘The World Is Your Canvas’ gameplay trailer for the game, which was released on October 11, 2022, shows off the customisation system for these Tags. Here, we get to see smoke effects, a number of different emblems that appear of your car, trail colours, sparks, the ‘wing effect which is on the side of the vehicle and more.

From what we can tell, the simple options Criterion is showing off right now already look diverse and impressive. And, there are likely even more impressive effects, the studio is keeping under wraps until the Need For Speed Unbound release date.

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But, while you wait for the release of the game and to get your hands on the Need For Speed Unbound cartoon and anime effects, why not check out everything else we know about the game? This includes the announced Need For Speed Unbound car list and the Need For Speed Unbound map which covers Lakeshore.