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Need for Speed Unbound map – a guide to Lakeshore City

The Need for Speed Unbound map is full of locations and areas to explore and race, both in the Lakeshore City centre and out on the mountain roads

need for speed unbound map street racing car

Need for Speed Unbound is set to come rip-roaring back through the streets soon, giving us all the street-racing action we could wish for. Of course, racing at high speeds requires miles of road, so we’ve looked at the Need for Speed Unbound map to see where the game will take us.

From giant highways to quiet, rural roads, the Need for Speed Unbound map has diverse environments and locations for all kinds of driving, be it drifting or top-speed runs. There’s certainly a large area for racing fans to explore when the game drops. Below, you’ll find everything we know about the game’s map and what and where the prominent locations are.

Need for Speed Unbound map

The Need for Speed Unbound map consists of Lakeshore City. It’s a coastal city that has a downtown city centre full of skyscrapers and jam-packed traffic. Due to its location next to the ocean, there are numerous large inlets with bridges over rivers and highways that lead out of the city that are perfect for testing the top speed of your car.

need for speed unbound map

Once you’re out into the rural areas, you’ll find mountainous terrain where you can put your drifting skills to the test. One of the best areas for doing this is the Kennedy Drive mountain road in the north west section of the map.

You’ll find other destinations like Rudiger’s Safehouse and Rydell’s Rydes dotted around the map too, which will likely serve as mission locations.

The map locations above are: Rydells’s Rides (1), Storm Drain in Cyrill Heights (2), City Pier in Underwood Gardens (3) Rudiger’s Safehouse in Yams Park (4), Car Plant at Kennedy Test Track (5), Quarry Domes at Lakeshore Quarry (6), L-Train in the City (7), and Mountain Road at Kennedy Drive (8).

Those are all the locations on the Need for Speed Unbound map. For more on the racing game, like the full car list, you can read our soundtrack guide, which tells you what songs are in Need for Speed Unbound. Or, if you can’t wait to play, check out our release date guide to see when it’s coming out.