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Need For Speed Unbound’s car effects can be disabled, if you’re boring

The latest Need For Speed Unbound trailer shows off some of the racing game's striking vehicle effects, but apparently they can be turned off if you want

Need For Speed Unbound vehicle effects: A cartoon depiction of ASAP Rocky sits on the hood of a black mercedes

October 12, 2022 EA clarifies that there are some basic car effects that cannot be disabled in Need For Speed Unbound. The article has been updated to reflect this.

Need For Speed Unbound’s latest teaser trailer has showcased some of the striking, cartoon-style vehicle effects that make up the game’s unique look – but EA has also revealed that you can turn most of them off if you want to.

In the trailer, we get a closer look at the various effects that can be equipped to your vehicle, such as tyre smoke, emote-style icons that float above the roof, and wings that can shoot out from your vehicle while airborne. The in-game menus in the trailer show that these also have different rarities, and some are unlocked by completing certain milestones or challenges.

These effects are incredibly striking, and will certainly make Unbound stand out from the crowd of other racing games on the market right now (and from its predecessors in the Need For Speed series as well).

However, if you want a slightly more realistic feel from Need For Speed Unbound, you can choose to either not equip these effects or turn some of them off altogether on any of the cars in the car list.

In a tweet from the official Need For Speed account, EA says: “Yes, you can turn the effects off. In fact, you can choose to never put them on in the first place. Just like any other part of a car.”

Despite initially suggesting all effects could be switched off, EA has since clarified in a follow-up tweet that there are some effects that cannot be disabled.

“Basic Tail Smoke and Trail Lights can’t be disabled, everything else can be though,” EA confirms.

If you’re curious as to which cars you can slide around in yobbish fashion, check out the full Need For Speed Unbound car list for every vehicle that EA has confirmed.

Sadly, this latest announcement did not include a proper gameplay deep dive, but we imagine that that won’t be too far around the corner, with the Need For Speed Unbound release date getting ever closer.