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MultiVersus’ Velma and Jake exploit has a proper counter now

A MultiVersus update was meant to stop Velma and Jake comboing off but might not have worked, thankfully this player has found a new way to counter it

MultiVersus Jake Velma exploit counter: A picture of Velma and Jake back to back but with a red 'no entry'-style symbol imposed on top

Players have been coming up against a MultiVersus exploit where Velma and Jake team up to yeet countless speech bubbles at their opponents to win. It’s a deeply unsatisfying way to lose a game, and while we thought it had been patched, there are still players out there saying they’re coming up against it. Thankfully, there are also ways to counter it.

This exploit has been known for a few days now, and while that’s not long when compared to games like Apex Legends, it presents a sizeable chunk of time in the short life of MultiVersus. The exploit was supposedly fixed on August 5, as confirmed by game director Tony Huynh. However, Reddit still has players complaining about running up against this unique exploit, although one big-brained player has found a new antidote to this problem.

Reddit user ‘Quriky_Image_5598’ posted about the counter, which actually comes from a TikTok user called ‘furkanaw0’. The way to overcome this glitch, at least until the developers get rid of it fully, is by using the School Me Once perk to give yourself resistance to projectiles for two seconds after being hit by one. This allows you to charge through the rest of the words and get to beating up Velma and Jake without issue thanks to the shield.

Apparently, this works best when both players use it, and furkanaw0’s team of choice for this is dual Iron Giant. We’ve no doubt that the exploit will end up removed in due time, but if you do end up finding yourself at the mercy of this nasty combo, at least you now have a way to fight back against it. You just have to hope that the other players aren’t also good at the game, otherwise being assaulted by words might have been the easy way out.

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