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New MultiVersus trailer sends Friday the 13th icon into The Matrix

The new MultiVersus trailer is three minutes of peak Warner Bros fighting game fan service with plenty of Jason and Agent Smith on the side on PS5 and Xbox.

New MultiVersus trailer Friday the 13th Jason The Matrix Agent Smith: Jason wearing his patented mask stood next to Agent Smith wearing his patented sunglasses

The big MultiVersus relaunch trailer has finally aired, and the pie-slinging, sandwich-chomping fighting game is making its return in the grandest way possible. Alongside new gameplay snippets, Player First is celebrating Friday the 13th early this year, with Jason Voorhees joining the roster on PS5 and Xbox alongside Agent Smith from The Matrix. Interestingly, the Powerpuff Girls are still nowhere to be seen, however references to them and several other potential newcomers have been spotted in this new MultiVersus trailer.

Reintroducing Velma and the Joker – two of Season 1’s headliners judging by what we saw in the recent Rifts PvE mode announcement – alongside the ever-expanding MultiVersus roster, the fighting game’s latest look certainly hasn’t disappointed. I never thought I’d see the Joker sit on the Iron Throne, but that’s what having the licenses to some of the biggest franchises in existence gets you, I guess.

As the Wonder Woman-led party of heroes approaches the maniacal clown to apprehend him at the end of the trailer, he calls in the big guns – the big guns being Jason and Agent Smith. The trailer, which you can check out below, signs off by adding the aforementioned villains, as well as Adventure Time’s Banana Guard, to the group photo. Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited to see how all of these new fighters play out in-game when it returns on Tuesday, May 28 – Neo when?

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Hours before the trailer landed, MultiVersus leaker ‘ausil’ revealed that Hugo Weaving’s AI agent had been confirmed by the video’s YouTube tags. They also reiterated that Jason and the Powerpuff Girls would be heading to the multiplayer game. Our very first look at Jason actually came via ‘Fumo Leaks,’ who shared an image of the rather large, masked gentleman standing next to the Joker. Jason had initially been uncovered in the game files by ausil over the weekend.

Though they were, surprisingly, absent from the trailer, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup remain MultiVersus’ worst-kept secret. The trio and their home city of Townsville have been teased multiple times during the lead-up to relaunch. Most of the trailer was staged in Townsville, so I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before the Powerpuff Girls themselves are added – I expect Player First didn’t want to overcook it with the roster additions right out of the gate.

They certainly don’t seem to have been forgotten about, either. As shared by the eagle-eyed ‘MultiverSusie,’ Bubbles’ plush, alongside numerous items and emblems related to other iconic characters have been spotted in the trailer.

  • Aquaman (Trident)
  • Daffy Duck (Duck Season poster)
  • Dexter (Glasses)
  • Green Lantern (Power Battery)
  • Marceline (Ax Guitar)
  • Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles’ Plush)
  • Raven (Pentagram)
  • Robin (Door sign)
  • Samurai Jack (Katana)
  • Scooby-Doo (Scooby Snacks)
  • Wicked Witch (Broom)

Personally, I’m on my knees to see Samurai Jack silently swoop into MultiVersus – Aku’s fiery lair would make for an absolute banger map, too. Even if these are just happy little easter eggs, rather than potential teasers for what’s to come, exciting times are ahead for MultiVersus. Player First has clearly been putting the work in to create the conditions for lightning to strike twice.

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