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MultiVersus Townsville teaser paves the way for a trio of new fighters

The MultiVersus Townsville map has received a fleeting in-game tease, and it could herald the eventual arrival of the Powerpuff Girls on PS5 and Xbox.

MultiVersus Townsville map Powerpuff Girls: Superman on-screen wearing a vacation outfit, next to an up-close shot of him in his usual outfit

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect MultiVersus Twitter post celebrating 45 years of the original Superman Movie. But developer Player First Games accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction – the first peek of how the new MultiVersus Townsville map is looking in-game on PS5 and Xbox. And if the city of Townsville’s all ready to go, then the Powerpuff Girls could also be on their way…

We spotted the hometown of iconic trio Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in the new teaser for Clark Kent’s vacay look – the Superman fanny pack is everything. From what we can tell, we’re looking at the top of Townsville Hall – a new MultiVersus stage that was previously revealed in March’s developer update for the soon-to-return fighting game. During the dev vlog, we only saw the concept art of the stage, so the fact that it’s already been rendered in-game is promising stuff.

Perhaps more significantly, the latest look at Townsville could not only be suggestive of it arriving with MultiVersus’ re-release on May 28, but the superpowered sisters themselves might not be too far behind.

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Every MultiVersus stage has a corresponding character or characters, and it would certainly be strange for Townsville’s denizens to be absent for long beyond its launch. To offer the most recent example of this, Morty was revealed at the same time as the Cromulons map, portalling in just weeks after the map’s release. Though our case studies are limited, and we don’t know how Player First is going to deliver content to the multiplayer game post-relaunch, it’s more than plausible.

As for how the Powerpuff Girls will materialize, there are two ways the studio can go about it. Realistically, they’d be released as a collective fighter in the same vein as Tom and Jerry, seeing as they all have similar powers for the most part. There’s also the chance that they’ll get the Gizmo and Stripe treatment and come as separate playable characters, but this would only bloat the roster.

The studio has been on a hot streak ever since game director Tony Huynh took to the mic to announce its return. Earlier this month, a new parry system was sneakily revealed during an NHL TV spot. Meanwhile, new cel-shaded versions of the base skins for Jake the Dog, LeBron James, Superman, Taz, and Velma were teased over on TikTok. MultiVersus has gone multi-channel, and we’re absolutely feasting.

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