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MultiVersus leaks claim Jason Voorhees will be slashing up the roster

One of horror cinema's most iconic villains could head to MultiVersus, as new leaks allege that Jason Voorhees is coming to the arena.

Horror icons Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger are terrifying, but Jason Voorhees might just be in his own league. Now, you could be harnessing his seemingly supernatural strength from the Friday the 13th franchise in MultiVersus. According to a recent datamine of the game’s PvE Rift Mode trailer metadata, it looks like Player First Games has a surprise up its sleeve.

According to leaker ‘AusilMV’, a recent post on social media indicates that Jason Voorhees is supposedly set to carve out his own spot in the promising fighting game. “In the metadata for the raw MP4 of the Rift Mode trailer, which shows the names of the different files used during editing, a file mentioning Jason is present,” the MultiVersus leaker claims. Furthermore, the metadata shown by AusilMV depicts the following file path: “PVE_EnterRift_CoverJason_03JR.mov.”

While this may have had us stroking our chins in the past, the Friday the 13th franchise has been making moves as of late. Recently, IGN revealed the existence of the Jason Universe, a brand-new entity for the franchise from Horror, Inc. Encompassing everything from movies to TV. Notably, Jason Universe’s initial strategy looks set to target a range of popular multiplayer games. If you take a quick look at the Jason Universe’s social media presence on X, you can see it follows both Call of Duty and Fortnite.

MultiVersus Jason Voorhees: An image of the Rift Mode trailer metadata.

We don’t know about you, but that certainly seems like plans are underway to get Jason Voorhees into the FPS game mammoth, and one of the best battle royale games out there. Vice president of Horror, Inc Robbie Barsamian tells IGN that the company is “we’re focused on honoring the legacy while elevating the fan experience and appealing to today’s horror audiences as we develop new ways to watch, interact and engage with the Jason Universe.”

The PvE mode in which Jason is allegedly set to feature in will have players fighting their way through unique campaigns. Each of them will be centered around a specific character, whether that is the Joker or Velma from Scooby-Doo. With so many legendary characters from the decades worth of Warner Brothers movies out there, it is only a matter of time before MultiVersus officially knocks on the Friday the 13th franchise’s door.

MultiVersus Jason Universe: An image of the Jason Universe account on X.

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