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New MultiVersus Joker trailer hides yet another Powerpuff Girls tease

The MutiVersus Powerpuff Girls tease is the second we’ve seen in as many months, and there are even more surprises in the Joker’s big gameplay reveal.

MultiVersus Powerpuff Girls teaser Joker

MultiVersus could very well be the last time we hear Mark Hamill’s Joker, with the colorful clown finally making his way to the returning PS5 and Xbox fighting game’s roster with Season 1. In his latest gameplay trailer, we see not only the fool’s fisticuff proficiency in action, but it also looks like Player First Games is serving up new skins for the Joker and chaotic compadre Harley Quinn. Oh, and the Powerpuff Girls have been teased again.

Before we even get into the arsenal of weapons the Joker is packing – seriously, it looks like Wile E. Coyote isn’t the only one being supplied by Acme Corporation – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are briefly shown. If you’ve already watched the trailer (which you can catch again below) and missed this teaser, we don’t blame you. The fighting game’s latest upload has stashed them away in the very top right corner of Batman’s computer – you can see them for yourself at the seven-second mark.

This isn’t the first time Player First has sneakily showcased the Powerpuff Girls. Last month, a teaser for a new Superman vacation skin was posted on Twitter. In the snippet, the Man of Steel can clearly be seen perched on top of Townsville Hall, one of the new MultiVersus maps rumoredly set to arrive when the not-so-new PS5 game and new Xbox game makes its grand returns on May 28.

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As for the Joker himself, I can already see him quickly becoming a fan favorite – not least because we have Mark fuckin’ Hamill back in the booth. Between his extending boxing glove, bazooka, and, pogo stick (yes, really) Batman’s greatest nemesis will soon become our best friend.

To top it all off, the Joker is getting a skin based on one of his most iconic comic appearances – The Batman Who Laughs. While, yes, the Dark Multiverse version of the character is Bruce Wayne himself, it makes sense that the Joker gets the skin in-game due to Batman’s metamorphosis. Naturally, you can’t have the Joker without Harley, and it’s the same case when it comes to MultiVersus cosmetics – prepare your wallets, a Doctor Harleen Quinzel skin is coming.

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