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MultiVersus ranked is here, but only for a limited time

It's finally time, fighting game fans! Player First Games has announced that MultiVersus' ranked mode is coming - but, it's only available for a limited time

MultiVersus ranked alpha start date: an image of Bloodlines Wonder Woman on a blurred background

You know how we said MultiVersus is getting a spectate feature like Super Smash Bros “very soon”? Well, while we were all having fun with MultiVersus’ Arcade mode, Player First Games announced that something even more exciting is about to become available in the fighting game: a MultiVersus ranked mode.

Yes, that’s right, one of the best fighting games out there right now is finally getting a competitive ranked mode – so you can finally get definitive evidence of how good you are compared to your friends.

What’s interesting about this new competitive MultiVersus experience is that Player First Games has revealed that it’s actually only going to be available for a week – as something of an alpha test for the game’s ranked mode. While we currently understand that there isn’t any sort of restriction when it comes to who can participate in this alpha testing period, it does mean that things might be a little unpredictable. There’s also been no confirmation that your rank will carry over to the final iteration of this mode.

If you’re looking forward to playing this game mode, MultiVersus has confirmed that it’s due to release on November 8 – however, no specific time has been revealed. So, it would not be outside the realms of possibility to see some sort of MultiVersus server maintenance today – in fact, we expect it.

That being said, we would like to think any downtime will be short-lived – mainly because we can’t wait to check out MultiVersus’ ranked mode for ourselves.

Another interesting tidbit of information is that this ranked mode comes just around one week after the addition of Black Adam to the game’s roster. We know he’s comfortably placed in our MultiVersus tier list, but there’s no mention of him being unavailable for this mode. We could very-much see Player First Games release some MultiVersus patch notes with balancing changes ahead of the implementation of this ranked mode, but we don’t know for sure.

So, if you know a good Black Adam combo, it might be worth taking advantage of that before anything gets changed. This is one of the best free PS5 games (and the best free Xbox games) out there right now and, if this ranked mode is as good as it could be, things are only just getting started.