MultiVersus Arcade Mode guide

Curious about MultiVersus' Arcade Mode? Here is everything you need to know about how it work and what you can expect when you jump in

MultiVersus Arcade Mode: Finn and Arya can be seen fighting in key art for the game.

MultiVersus‘ list of modes and characters is set to continue growing as the game expands and one of the first new additions to the game was the Arcade Mode, which arrived with Season 1. But, what is there to know about the MultiVersus Arcade Mode?

Well, the mode will harken back to classic fighting games with its classic rivalry matches where characters will go up against one another. With multiple different difficulties, the mode will also likely be one of the best ways for players to get a handle of characters, besides The Lab’s training stage.

A lot is still yet to be uncovered about the mode until it arrives in the game. But, if you are wondering what has been revealed or leaked about the mode, be sure to read on below for a full overview of the MultiVersus Arcade Mode.

MultiVersus Arcade Mode guide

MultiVersus’ Arcade Mode will be the main single-player offering in the game, arriving in Season 1.

Leaks have revealed that the mode will feature three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. These difficulties will each have 10 stages as a part of them, and those matches within the stages will put characters against each other.

These brawls will sometimes also lean into character rivalries. For example, we could see Batman vs. Superman or LeBron and Bugs battle other characters.

As mentioned though, not very much is known about the mode yet, but that should change within Season 1, when the mode gets added in the coming weeks.

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