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MultiVersus Perk Training explained and how to train perks

Are you looking for a guide on Perk Training in MultiVersus to explain it for you? Well, this is the article you need as we touch on what it allows you to do

MultiVersus Perk Training Explained: Harley can be seen petting Taz

If you are starting to find your new main character in MultiVersus, or just happen to have levelled one up quite high you have likely got an option to enter Perk Training. While this might confuse you initially as it isn’t explained in too much detail, the mechanic is actually quite simple and this guide will serve as a brief and explain Perk Training in MultiVersus.

Perk Training is a really useful mechanic that can really benefit you when trying to learn a character or pick out the best perks in MultiVersus for that character. It gives characters greater flexibility and allows them to broaden their playstyle to a certain degree.

So, if you are looking for a guide explaining Perk Training in MultiVersus, look no further. This article will touch on exactly what it does and what it will cost you to be able to train your perks.

MultiVersus Perk Training Explained

Perk Training is a feature unlocked at rank 9 in each character’s progression path. This feature allows you to go in and equip perks that aren’t a part of the character’s main progression path, allowing you more customisation over your build.

Most characters only have access to around 5-10 main ally perks, so this feature opens them up to dozens more that can potentially turn a D-tier character in the MultiVersus tier list into an A or S-tier character. Unfortunately, you can only train Offence, Defence, and Utility perks. Specialist perks can not be trained as they are specific to a character’s abilities.

MultiVersus How To Train Perks

To train perks in MultiVersus you will need to reach rank 9, as said above, with that character. From there you can train perks for that character from the Collection menu.

Training perks costs 100 Gold if you have them unlocked on other characters, while they are 150 Gold if you don’t. So, it will cost a fair bit of Gold to get all the perks you want. But, our how to get Gold fast guide should help with that.

So now you know all about perk training in MultiVersus, take a look at our other guides covering the MultiVersus classes and the ranks you can climb in Ranked Mode.