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MultiVersus how to get Gold fast

Want to know how to get Gold fast in MultiVersus? Here are the key ways to make money at a blistering speed while playing and brawling

MultiVersus How To Get Gold Fast: Superman, Shaggy, Steven, and Tom and Jerry can be seen fighting

MultiVersus has an incredibly diverse roster of characters, with everyone from Batman to Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy available to take into the arena. Boasting tons of familiar faces – four of which you get by default – from across the Warner Bros universe to unlock in total for Gold – the game’s main form of currency – you’re going to need to know how to get Gold fast in MultiVersus if you want to collect them all.

Be it whipping up a whirlwind with Taz, deftly dispatching your enemies with Arya Stark, or going Ultra Instinct with Shaggy, MultiVersus players are likely going to want to take the time to acquire each character. That way they can decide on who they like playing the most. Of course, you can always save time by checking out our MultiVersus tier list.

With our MultiVersus how to get Gold fast guide, we’re going to take you through the top methods currently available in order to quickly accrue the thousands of gold required to snag each character. When each character costs a sizable 2,000 Gold, it can take a while to gather the funds, but stick with it and soon enough you’ll have an army of fighters at your disposal.

MultiVersus how to get gold fast

There are currently five main methods to getting Gold fast in MultiVersus. These are:

  • Completing starter missions
  • Toasting other players
  • Levelling up your player rank
  • Ranking up the Battle Pass
  • Winning your first match of the day

To help ease players in, developer Player First Games has offered up a number of missions – each rewarding a generous amount of Gold. Clear through these, and you’ll certainly have a fair bit of currency. You can also pick up a few extra pennies by toasting other players. Don’t know what toasting is? Check out our MultiVersus how to toast another player guide.

You will naturally accrue Gold as you rank up, as MultiVersus rewards you for your efforts while playing matches or winning. And, at certain stops on the MultiVersus Battle Pass, you will unlock extra Gold in both the free and premium tracks.

Finally, no one likes losing all their games, and as an extra incentive for racking up a win each day, 100 Gold will be deposited into your coffers.

And that concludes our MultiVersus how to get Gold fast guide. Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any changes to the methods for this fighting game outlined above. If you’re still working towards getting all the MultiVersus characters, then be sure to also have a look at our how to get Character Tokens in MultiVersus guide.