MultiVersus how to toast another player

Struggling to figure out how to toast another player in MultiVersus? Here is how to to do it so you can complete the mission in-game

MultiVersus Toast Another Player: A piece of toast can be seen on a background of players fighting

If you are just getting started in MultiVersus, you are probably slightly confused by one of the missions. That mission is to toast another player. Initially, you might be confused about how to toast another player in MultiVersus as it isn’t clear.

You may think of Shaggy, who can throw a sandwich, but actually the answer is a lot simpler and doesn’t require any gameplay skill at all. So, you won’t have to climb the MultiVersus ranks or attempt to pull off a certain attack to complete this mission.

So, if you want to figure out just what toasting in MultiVersus does and how to do it, read on below through the rest of this article. We will touch on how to toast another player in MultiVersus and the ways in which you can get the Toast to be able to do it.

MultiVersus how to toast another player

To toast another player in MultiVersus, you need to click the “give toast” icon at the top of the end-match screen or in the collection menu. To do this, you will need Toast, which is a currency in MultiVersus, earned in the battle pass and available to purchase for Gold.

It costs 350 Gold to pick up 10 pieces of Toasts, allowing you to toast another player at the end of a match after you have won or lost all the matches in a showdown. You can also give toast in the Collection menu from the main menu.

MultiVersus Toast Another Player: The end game screen can be seen

As you can see, it is rather easier to actually toast another player in MultiVersus, but it isn’t exactly clear unless you are aware of the mechanic in the game. As you need toast to be able to toast another player you will need to purchase them as well if you don’t already have any pieces. For more help with MultiVersus, check out who to use in matches with our MultiVersus tier list.