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MultiVersus’ stingy battle pass for Season 1 has left fans unimpressed

The MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass is here and the lack of Gleamium in the rewards has caused some disgruntlement among the fighting game's fans

Multiversus Season 1 battle pass complaints: Multiversus fighter Taz pointing towards his wide open mouth

The MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass is finally here alongside a promise of loads of new characters, and while the majority are happy with the most recent patch and the promise of ongoing support, the battle pass itself has soured some fans.

While battle passes have always had a somewhat mixed reception, depending on who you talk to and which game you’re talking about, they’ve also become one of the most common purchases you can make in a game. They give players loads of cosmetics alongside things like in-game currency, and the best ones also pay for themselves if you grind them to completion.

That last point is the one that’s got MultiVersus fans all riled up because while the array of different cosmetics means there’s probably something for everyone, there’s no Gleamium, the fighting game’s premium currency, on offer. In fact, there are three separate Reddit threads on the whole thing, all of which focus on the lack of Gleamium as one of the most significant drawbacks.

Mr_Mister2004 says they “could understand it in Season 0 where there was no space to put any of it in 15 tiers.” StayInThatLine is disappointed with not just the lack of Gleamium, but also the kinds of rewards in the pass on the whole. Finally, FishyFisherOMG actually asks whether people would consider not buying the Season 1 battle pass because of the lack of the premium currency, and for a lot of players in the thread, it was a deal breaker.

It’s not a huge surprise that this is a bugbear either. While MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, that’s not stopped Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and a few other big free-to-play games from making sure players can buy into the battle pass once, and then just keep using their winnings to buy-in from then on. It’s what’s expected now, and it’s not hard to see where the disgruntled players are coming from.

If you’ve already committed to the battle pass and want to make sure you max it out, here’s what you need to know about when MultiVersus Season 1 ends. Also be sure to check out our MultiVersus tier list to see which brawlers are best following Season 1’s balance changes.