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MultiVersus battle pass and everything to know about it

Curious about what there is to know about the MultiVersus battle pass? Here is how it works and what you can expect from each new one added to the game

MultiVersus Battle Pass: Wonder Woman can be seen lifting a weight

MultiVersus, like most games offers a full battle pass for you to work your way through as you are brawling and battling online. And, with tons of rewards for your favourite characters, you will want to know all about the MultiVersus battle pass so you can ensure you get the items you are looking for.

Whether it be working through the free or premium track, trying to grab a skin, or simply adding a new banner or ringout animation to your collection, the battle pass is packed full of those cosmetics. You can even grab some currencies in there as well!

So, for a full overview of how the MultiVersus Battle Pass works, the current available rewards, and more, continue reading below. We will keep this article updated with the latest as each new battle pass is introduced and the seasons go by.

MultiVersus Battle Pass

A MultiVersus battle pass is available with each new season and comes with both a free and premium track of rewards. The battle pass’ premium track is purchasable with Gleamium.

Gleamium is the premium currency in the game and to figure out how to get it you can read our guide.

There are 50 tiers of rewards to unlock and the battle pass is available for approximately three months before the first season of content comes to a close.

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass

The Season 1 battle pass for MultiVersus contains the following rewards and is available until November 15, 2022:

  • Rank 1: 20 minute adventure profile icon (free), Tune Squad ’96 Taz skin (premium)
  • Rank 2: 250 Gold (free), Yawn Reindog taunt (premium)
  • Rank 3: Double Ringouts badge (free), XP Boost (premium)
  • Rank 4: Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 5: Bat Emblem profile icon (free), Finn – Happy sticker (premium)
  • Rank 6: Toast x5 (free), The Daily Planet banner (premium)
  • Rank 7: Danger: High Voltage banner (free), Sun Scream ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 8: Superman Hover taunt (premium)
  • Rank 9: Nymeria profile icon (free), Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 10: 250 Gold (free), Mystery Inc. banner (premium)
  • Rank 11: Task Force X Harley Quinn skin (premium)
  • Rank 12: 100% Sticker (free), XP Boost (premium)
  • Rank 13: House Stark banner (premium)
  • Rank 14: Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 15: Reindog Heart profile icon (free), Harley – Mad sticker (premium)
  • Rank 16: XP boost (free), Tease Iron Giant taunt (premium)
  • Rank 17: Jinkies! G-g-ghost! banner (premium)
  • Rank 18: Mistakes Were Made banner (free), Green Lantern Finish ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 19: Ringout Leader badge (free), XP Boost (premium)
  • Rank 20: Flashback Garnet, Garnet skin (premium)
  • Rank 21: Toasts x5 (free), Merry Melodies banner (premium)
  • Rank 22: Kung Fu Shaggy taunt (premium)
  • Rank 23: Zanifeer’s Last Hope banner (free), Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 24: Wonder Woman banner (premium)
  • Rank 25: Pink Diamond Gem profile icon (free), Gossamer ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 26: XP Boost (premium)
  • Rank 27: XP Boost (free), The Caped Crusader banner (premium)
  • Rank 28: Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 29: 250 Gold (free), Wipe Gem Steven Universe taunt (premium)
  • Rank 30: Highest Damage Dealt Badge (free), Jake – Sweat sticker (premium)
  • Rank 31: The Man of Steel banner (premium)
  • Rank 32: Ghosts In Them There Hills banner (free), XP Boost (premium)
  • Rank 33: Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 34: 250 Gold (free), Gem bubbles ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 35: Toast x5 (free), Leader of the Pack banner (premium)
  • Rank 36: Velma – Surprised (premium)
  • Rank 37: 250 Gold (free), Silencer LeBron James taunt (premium)
  • Rank 38: Batman – Neutral sticker (premium)
  • Rank 39: Bravos banner (free), Mushroom Explosion VFX (premium)
  • Rank 40: Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 41: I’m Pickle Rick! profile icon (free), A Universe of Potential banner (premium)
  • Rank 42: Toasts x5 (free), Detectives Tom & Jerry, Tom & Jerry skin (premium)
  • Rank 43: Say Your Prayers, Varmit! ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 44: Fire sticker (Free), Dance Jake taunt (premium)
  • Rank 45: 250 Gold (free), Bugs Bunny – Hearts sticker (premium)
  • Rank 46: Mallet Pose Harley Quinn taunt (premium)
  • Rank 47: Soothing Energy ringout VFX (free), Toast x10 (premium)
  • Rank 48: Toast x5 (free), Boo-t of Armor banner (premium)
  • Rank 49: Deploy Batwing ringout VFX (premium)
  • Rank 50: I’m Freakin’ Robin Lebron James skin (free), Brunhilde Bugs Bugs Bunny skin (premium)

MultiVersus Battle pass sharing

While not confirmed, it appears that MultiVersus will offer a battle pass sharing mechanic, between yourself and a friend (via @AisulMV).

This will allow you to link up with another player and work towards battle pass progression with you both contributing. It seems like this feature is still in development or being tweaked as Player First Games hasn’t announced it, but it definitely makes Multiversus unique compared to other live-service games.

MultiVersus Battle Pass: A tweet showing the shared battle pass feature can be seen

And that covers all we know right now when it comes to the MultiVersus battle pass. For more help with the game’s systems, check out our overview of the ranked mode so you can chase MultiVersus ranks and our collection of the best perks in MultiVersus.