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MGS3 remake reportedly sneaking away from 2024 release window

The wait for Metal Gear Solid Delta could be about to get even longer, as new rumors claim it’ll miss a 2024 release window on PS5.

Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater delay: An image of Big Boss in the jungle in MGS3 Snake Eater.

Remakes of acclaimed games are all the rage right now, but Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater could be a contender among the competition. Konami’s upcoming MGS3 remake was noticeably absent from the recent PlayStation Showcase, and that has our alarm bells ringing, as the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid title could be destined for a delay beyond 2024.

Time has flown by fast since Konami revealed its Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater remake in May last year, and we’re still waiting for a sizable gameplay preview to sink our teeth into. Earlier this year, Sony confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater release date would target a 2024 launch window, but leaker ‘billbil-kun’ claims this isn’t the case anymore. In a new Dealabs report, the leaker alleges that a 2025 launch is on the cards for the new PS5 game.

However, despite the leaker’s exceptionally strong track record, we advise taking this report with a grain of salt. “We found this release date set for 2025 referenced by a global distribution giant. The latter had set a temporary release date for physical copies of the game at 31/12/2025,” the leaker explains. It isn’t uncommon for retailers like Amazon or Walmart to use placeholder dates, as this can often lead to pre-order listings emerging. That could be the next step for one of the best games in the MGS franchise.

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The report claims that an announcement is inbound to get Metal Gear Solid 3 remake pre-orders rolling: “We estimate that this new announcement will take place within the next 10 days, with a possible date of [Thursday] June 6, 2024.” However, if pre-orders are purportedly set to be going live soon, we reckon that the release window is still safely on track for the later half of 2024. Furthermore, it appears that PS5 players can look forward to a Collector’s Edition too, but its epic contents are currently unknown. Maybe chuck in another bottle of the MGS cologne?

When the game does arrive, the good news is that franchise icon David Hayter is all camo’d up once again as Big Boss. The Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater voice actors roster will reuse dialogue recordings from the original game, rather than new ones. Sadly, Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima isn’t involved with the project.

As a life-long Metal Gear franchise fan, it still feels odd that Snake Eater is the game Konami is deciding to remake, rather than giving the 1998 classic a modern-day overhaul. Yet, what I really want is the ability to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS5, as this amazing entry is still bound to PS3 hardware.

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