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Spider-Man 2’s Tony Todd claims only 10% of his Venom lines were used

Spider-Man 2 villain Venom chews up the scenery but Final Destination star Tony Todd reveals a big portion of his dialogue remains unused.

Spider-Man 2 Venom Tony Todd Fan Expo 2023

Kraven the Hunter is a badass, don’t get us wrong, but when it comes to the villains in Spider-Man 2, Venom is easily the highlight. Insomniac Games reinvents the iconic Marvel foe in many ways, but it wouldn’t be right if Venom didn’t have an intimidating symbiote voice. Candyman star Tony Todd lends his distinct vocal talents to the PS5 adventure, but despite Venom’s pivotal role in the story, Todd reveals that much of his dialogue remains on the cutting room floor.

Appearing at Fan Expo San Francisco 2023, Tony Todd divulges his experiences from working on Spider-Man 2. Venom’s presence is a huge draw to play one of the best PS5 games of the year, but we may be missing out on other fantastic moments. Attending a panel at the event, reporter Evan Filarca confirms that Todd says that only “10%” of his recorded dialogue is present in the game. Considering Venom appears toward the later half of Spider-Man 2, we’re curious to know what other scenarios Insomniac Games is hiding away in the vaults.

Venom’s introduction in Spider-Man 2 is superb, and a moment that we wouldn’t spoil for anyone if you’ve not had the chance to play one of the best open-world games around. This iteration of Venom isn’t any other you’ve seen before, as traditional symbiote candidates like Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson aren’t in the mix this time. Furthermore, we wonder whether Todd could return to voice the character in another iteration, as Spider-Man 2 DLC suggests that Carnage could be coming to cause chaos in New York City.

With Carnage representing a different host, it is likely that Insomniac Games would want to channel this with another voice actor, but Todd’s versatility isn’t to be squandered. A timeline for the potential of Spider-Man 2 DLC is yet to be clarified, though, despite the game’s side missions teeing up new storylines to explore.

The first game features 3 DLC chapters to complete, dubbed The City That Never Sleeps. Released on a monthly basis shortly after the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, October until December 2018 furnished the game with additional story missions, side content, and suits to unlock.

A DLC schedule for Spider-Man 2 wasn’t confirmed before the launch of the game, and while the game’s world contains teases that allude to Daredevil and the Fantastic Four, these fun easter eggs remain nothing more than fun nods to the wider Marvel universe at present.

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We’re hoping to see more enemies join the Spider-Man 2 villains roster in the near future, but until then, make sure you’re unlocking all the Spider-Man 2 suits as you achieve that glorious Platinum trophy.