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New Spider-Man 2 trailer teases The Prowler’s fate in plain sight

Spider-Man Miles Morales villain The Prowler appears to return in Spider-Man 2, as the new Spider-Man 2 trailer indicates his fate in the PS5 sequel.

Faces both familiar and new appear in Spider-Man 2, as the list of Spider-Man 2 characters grows. We’re all excited to see Venom and Kraven the Hunter face off against our favorite Spider-Men, but Insomniac Games could be getting ready to bring another Marvel character back on the prowl in the Spider-Man 2 villains roster.

The new look at Spider-Man 2 doesn’t go deep into spoiler territory, but looking at the finer details reveals the presence of Miles Morales’ uncle, Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler. Senior creative director Bryan Inhitar explains activities for each hero will “feed into the District Progress system, which even provides more rewards, and unlocks our brand-new fast travel system.” Among them is a logo that is unmistakably The Prowler’s cowl, but the nature of the objective is blurred out.

If you didn’t play Spider-Man Miles Morales, you might not know that The Prowler left his villainous ways behind, choosing to redeem himself by turning himself in to the police – exposing Roxxon’s crimes in the process. In exchange for his information on the shady corporation, his sentence was reduced to two years. Spider-Man 2 is set 10 months after the events of Miles Morales, so the context of The Prowler’s potential appearance is intriguing.

Could Davis have escaped from his confinement and had a change of heart? Or is there something more personal to be gained for Miles Morales along the way? Possibly, or it could be more sound samples.

Spider-Man 2 prowler missions

Players had to locate sound samples in the Spider-Man spin-off game, which ultimately lead to the reveal of a song Davis has been crafting. Let’s just say the results were mixed, at best. It is possible that more sound samples are out there for Miles to find out there in New York City. However, we hope that the beat Davis cooks up this time is far more impressive.

Collecting all the samples does give you a pretty sweet suit to roam around NYC in, though. You can check out the beat below, just in case your curiosity is piqued.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alongside The Prowler’s logo are also other objectives for the player to clear in each area of New York City, and it seems one of them could well be none other than Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. With the mystery of who Venom actually is in Spider-Man 2 to solve, Insomniac Games is definitely going to keep us busy in the fight to protect the city.

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