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Xbox Game Pass set for more Soulslike sauce with Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen’s expansive post-launch roadmap has finally come to its end, and a potential Xbox Game Pass launch is the cherry on top.

Lords of the Fallen Xbox Game Pass: a knight in armor with a reddish tint next to the Xbox Game Pass logo

The latest version of Lords of the Fallen has given the beleaguered Soulslike a new lease on life, and there are few better ways to reintroduce Hexworks’ latest than by offering it up to Xbox Game Pass subscribers – something the studio is reportedly looking to do this month.

That is according to eXputer, which says the RPG game is “expected to launch on the platform in the last week of May” – stay tuned for that May Game Pass games wave two reveal. Having launched to middling reviews at the tail end of last year, Hexworks’ Soulslike game had a tumultuous start to life. Riddled with performance issues and suffering from “several missteps” – an excerpt from our own 6/10 Lords of the Fallen review – it wasn’t looking great.

However, the studio has spent the past several months tirelessly working to bring the game up to snuff. In November alone it received over 100 fixes alongside new spells, quests, and more. Now, Hexworks’ extensive post-launch roadmap has culminated in its latest 1.5 update, ‘Master of Fate’, which finally has it performing smoothly.

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Writing for Xbox Wire last month, executive producer Saul Gascon specifically highlights Master of Fate’s “genuinely groundbreaking advanced game modifier system that enables you to warp and twist the gameplay in several fundamental ways.” Offering the ability to randomize loot, enemies, encounter rates, and much more, Lords of the Fallen’s exciting new feature is something console-based Soulsborne players have been after for years – the replayability value is sky-high.

Should Lords of the Fallen arrive on Game Pass then it will undoubtedly do so as one of the best Game Pass Games in its current iteration. Hexworks has put the work in, and now it looks like service subscribers are set to reap the reward for their patience.

This new eXputer report could also serve to explain why Lords of the Fallen hasn’t been seen on an Xbox sale lately, whereas the PlayStation version of its Deluxe Edition – alongside both PC versions – is currently 50% off. Though you can’t equate a bought version of the game with a digitally borrowed one from the Xbox Game Pass games library, the correlation is worth noting. We see you, Xbox.

Game Pass recently got a fresh dose of Soulslike goodness with the addition of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. With the likes of Lies of P and Remnant 2 also on the service, Lords of the Fallen will be in very good company if it does join up.

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