New Lords of the Fallen patch brings 6 fresh spells, quests, and more

A new Lords of the Fallen patch is live, as the latest LOTF patch notes introduce The Way of The Bucket quest, additional spells and fixes.

lords of the fallen update 1.1.348 november 2023

Mixing up your Lords of the Fallen battles with magic is a blast, and if you were looking for new incantations to master, we’ve got good news for you. The latest Lords of the Fallen patch introduces plenty of new spells to learn, but what about taking on a fresh quest? Well, prepare for a journey into the unknown, and embrace The Way of the Bucket.

Lords of the Fallen developer HexWorks, as part of their 2023 content plan, welcomes players into its latest quest, The Way of the Bucket. Outlining what players can expect, HexWorks expresses that the “update brings with it ‘The Way of the Bucket’, a new and mysterious quest line which, upon completion, grants a reward of truly indeterminate value.” We don’t know about you, but we’re not really one for riddles, so if you’re curious what rewards you can earn, look no further:

  • x1 Bucketlord’s Salute
  • x1 Pride of the Bucketlords
  • x1 Gilded Bucket

Other than gesturing toward other players, the Pride of the Bucketlords reward is actually more testing than you may think. You’ll need to fight numerous Lords of the Fallen bosses, meaning that you better a selection of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons in your arsenal. Otherwise, they’ll be scraping you up in buckets, we fear. Beginning this quest line is done by visiting Skyrest Bridge, where a newly added NPC can issue players their first task.

Update v.1.1.348
byu/CIG_Shikallum inLordsoftheFallen

What seems particularly daunting is just how you’ll finish The Way of the Bucket quest. Well, daunting if you’re not powerful enough to survive. Across the quest, you’ll battle a total of 12 bosses. However, it is crucial to remember that you only need to collect 4 Pride of the Bucketlords, otherwise you’ll fail the quest while carrying more than specified. Yeah, you’ll be punished for carrying too many buckets in what might be one of the best Soulslike games around.

Elsewhere, those of you who love casting spells and improving your Lords of the Fallen builds with sorcery, then this is one of the best elements of the patch. With 3 magical schools joining the game, you won’t be able to just take them without a challenge. HexWorks specifies players will need “to acquire them by defeating their wielders.” We know you love a challenge, though. You can look into adding the following spells to your character:

  • Vortex of Torment
    Summon a Radiant cyclone which inflicts physical damage and bleed buildup

  • The Tolling
    Unleash a wave of Radiant magic which inflicts holy damage and is capable of knocking down enemies

  • Blistering Salvo
    Unleash a volley of infernal darts which inflict physical damage and burn buildup

  • Rising Fire
    Summon several orbs of fire which explode following a short delay, inflicting fire damage and ignite buildup

  • Pallid Bile
    Unleash a torrent of Umbral magic, inflicting wither damage and poison buildup

  • Septic Heave
    Hurl several putrid orbs which inflict physical damage and poison buildup

Lords of the fallen 2023 content plan

It is worth noting that these spells will not “count towards the Radiant, Inferno, or Umbral Adept Achievements.” The update also includes over 20 performance and gameplay related tweaks, but The Way of the Bucket is just one small taste of what HexWorks is lining up for the future of the game. A 2024 version of the free content plan is yet to emerge, but with so many improvements already live for Lords of the Fallen, it could be a very promising year ahead.