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Hexworks’ new Lords of the Fallen roadmap promises busy finish to 2023

With a new Lords of the Fallen patch planned for every week for the foreseeable future, Hexworks is revealing its LotF roadmap for 2023.

Lords of the Fallen roadmap 2023: an image of a knight holding a sword downwards

If, like us here at The Loadout, you can’t get enough of Lords of the Fallen, then you’ll be pleased to know that developer Hexworks is detailing its plans for the rest of 2023 – and there’s so much free content to look forward to. Through the new Lords of the Fallen roadmap, Hexworks reveals the focus of the next set of weekly updates and its plans to introduce new questlines, an inventory expansion, and more.

We know new PS5 games and new Xbox games don’t always live up to expectations, but Lords of the Fallen does and then some. It’s one of the best RPG games of the year and a fantastic option for those of you already enjoying some of the best soulslike games out there. Now, as we head into the New Year, it’s set to get even better with Hexworks’ new Lords of the Fallen roadmap – which is almost overflowing with upcoming content.

As you can see below, Hexworks is planning on introducing three new armor sets (all with their own questlines) to Lords of the Fallen by the end of the year alongside two new spell packs, inventory expansions, and a selection of “secret boss weapon abilities” – something that should soften the blow of the recent Lords of the Fallen boss weapons nerf. With any luck, this will also mean you have even more options when it comes to the best Lords of the Fallen weapons. We don’t know what these secret abilities entail yet, but we’re expecting them to offer players new strategies in both PvE and PvP combat – as changes to both aspects of the game are also planned.

Those of you looking for more of a challenge will be pleased to see that Hexworks is also planning on upping the difficulty of the Lords of the Fallen bosses in a future update alongside a series of New Game Plus modifiers. Once you find yourself with one of the best Lords of the Fallen builds and you fall into the rhythm of dodge-rolling and counter-attacking these larger than life enemies, Lords of the Fallen can become a bit monotonous. With these improvements, though, it should avoid some of the pitfalls other soulslikes fall into after launch – mainly, the fact that they can become predictable and boring.

Lords of the Fallen roadmap 2023: the new content roadmap in full

It’s safe to say that a content roadmap this busy is as exciting as it is surprising for a game like Lords of the Fallen. However, one thing you will notice is that Hexworks hasn’t actually added any specific dates to any of these updates – all we know is that they’re all coming in 2023.

The fact that it has marked the “mob density reduction” update and the Halloween event as “launched” on the left-hand side of the roadmap, however, does suggest that we’re being shown this content in a rough order of release. With that in mind, we think we’re going to see the Umbral Armor Set and associated questline introduced next. Then, that will be followed by the first inventory expansion and the first set of new spells. We don’t know if they will be included in the same weekly patch, but it does seem quite likely given the fact that there’s only seven weeks of 2023 left (at the time of writing) and so much content still to come.

It’s still worth taking that with a pinch of salt, though, until we get specifics from the studio. These things are often subject to change even when they do have release windows assigned to them. The fact that this content roadmap doesn’t have any dates could technically mean that all of this content drops in the last week of December – as unlikely as that is.

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We know some of you seem convinced that Hexworks wants you to “suffer” after the latest Lords of the Fallen patch – which did include an outrageous mana cost increase to a decent spell – but it’s clear that the developer is trying to improve the experience for players. While there will always be complaints from someone somewhere when balancing changes are made, the developer has always been quite transparent that it’s going to continue to work on both the stability and performance of this game in the coming weeks and months. When you think about all the free content on the way too, we’re confident that this game is only going to improve further.

With weekly updates expected every Thursday for the foreseeable future, we should find out more about the specifics of each upcoming update – and when all the new content is coming – on each Wednesday. This was the case last week, the first update in this new cadence, and we anticipate that Hexworks means to continue as it started. While we wait for that, you really should do yourself a favor and check out how this Lords of the Fallen player beats the game without weapons, or leveling up once – it really is a sight to behold.