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Lords of the Fallen fan beats RPG without any weapons or leveling up

If you thought Lords of the Fallen was hard enough, one player is beating the game without any melee weapons and while staying at level one.

Lords of the Fallen no weapon level one run: an image of a knight with a shocked emoji

If you thought Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen was difficult, you might need to think about taking a different approach to some of this soulslike’s tougher spots. One player is completing a Lords of the Fallen no weapons level one run and it’s truly a sight to behold – even though it isn’t the cleanest LotF run we’ve ever seen.

Whether you think Lords of the Fallen is one of the best soulslike games (or even one of the best RPG games) out there or not, it’s not the easiest game to play on Xbox and PS5 at the moment – and that’s not because of the lingering performance issues. It’s a hack-and-slash with larger than life bosses and danger at every turn – an evolution of the first game and a fantastic addition to a genre dominated by FromSoft experiences like Elden Ring. It could, though, be a lot harder than it is at the moment – as one player is proving with a truly wild challenge run.

Redditor ‘Successful-Paper-101‘ (who goes by ‘A_01‘ on YouTube) has managed to beat the entirety of Lords of the Fallen without the use of any melee weapons at all – or leveling up once. This comes after they successfully beat the entire game just using Buckets as their now-somewhat-infamous player character ‘Turtle Man’. Yeah, we don’t know how they had the patience to persevere either. Some of the enemies in this game are no joke.

Can you beat LOTF without leveling and with no weapons ?
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In their run through, they did allow themselves the use of throwables and armor – something we can imagine saved their life more than once throughout. Although, there is a moment where they die, but manage to defeat the boss thanks to lingering poison effects. And, they do take advantage of some ‘cheese tactics’ when it comes to wearing down enemies. So, it isn’t the cleanest run of a soulslike we’ve ever seen – but it’s still mightily impressive.

Beyond the use of throwables, though, they just used a lot of running around and dodge-rolls to beat the game’s toughest enemies – a solid-enough strategy for any soulslike player. When you look at the differences between Lords of the Fallen and Elden Ring, for example, the need to dodge-roll and evade attacks is an integral part of success in both.

If you want to watch this montage of ‘Successful-Paper-101’ work their way through all the Lords of the Fallen bosses without weapons, you can check it out below. It’s 40 minutes long, though, so you might want to grab a snack if you’re planning to watch it all at once. There’s no mention of how long it took them in actuality, but with HLTB listing Lords of the Fallen at around 38 hours, we can only imagine.

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They’re not the first player to beat Lords of the Fallen at level one, and we don’t think they’ll be the last. However, there’s a long way to go when it comes to speedruns and this soulslike. We also haven’t seen anyone else do it without weapons at all, yet. Content creator ‘Hazeblade’ holds the current record Any% Speedrun at 01:14:15 – which is very impressive. A speedrun while staying at level one, though? Well, no one’s timed that yet – according to Speedrun.com – so who knows.

If, though, you want to tackle these bosses the old-fashioned way, you can check out all the best Lords of the Fallen weapons here and the best Lords of the Fallen builds for all the Lords of the Fallen classes right here. We know some fans are finding the latest Lords of the Fallen patch a little more frustrating than they anticipated, but Hexworks isn’t finsihed with this game yet and you can expect more updates and balancing changes in the coming weeks and months.