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New Lords of the Fallen patch blasted as players “suffer” after update

The new Lords of the Fallen patch fixes many issues, but players believe it is causing more trouble than intended in the Dark Souls rival.

Lords of the Fallen new patch notes update

Developer HexWorks reinvents its Dark Souls rival, Lords of the Fallen, with the recent soft reboot of the franchise. Anchored by its unique mechanic of merging the worlds of Umbral and Axiom together, there is a lot going on technically to bring the game to life. A new Lords of the Fallen patch is live in the game now, but despite intentions to rectify multiple issues, players believe this recent update is a curse rather than a blessing.

Over on the Lords of the Fallen Reddit community page, a considerable amount of fixes are now available to peruse. Affecting elements such as the best Lords of the Fallen weapons and many of the challenging bosses, the patch contains over 100 fixes, but players like ‘Environment_Date18’ joke that “I swear the Scarlet Shadow enemy is in charge of these patch notes, he just wants us to suffer.”

Though this update tackles performance upgrades, more divisive elements include nerfs to boss weapons that already aren’t a popular choice with Soulslike fans.

While HexWorks continue to navigate quality-of-life improvements for the game, the frequency and quality of these updates is becoming cause for concern. “Go back to daily patches, this patch already has issues that need to be reverted immediately,” comments ‘Blue_Stocking’. If you’ve concocted one of the best Lords of the Fallen builds, then you may have noticed significant changes already, which fans deem as unnecessary tweaks.

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Others like ‘thehealerguy’ target this specifically, saying that “a lot of things [have been] patched in that nobody asked for. I don’t [play] PvP and don’t even use some of the broken builds.” They add that “damn, that 400 Mana cost on one spell is a tad bit overboard, and I don’t even use that spell.”

Originally, this value was much lower, as players would only need to relinquish around 98 Mana to release a spell onto their enemies. Now, this significant jump is drastically changing the dynamics of survival.

‘Serulean_Cadence’ understands the rationale to nerf certain aspects of the game, but expresses that they “absolutely hate when devs nerf something so significantly that it almost becomes useless. Quadrupling the Mana cost of a spell… like what the actual f**k.” At present, HexWorks is yet to address whether it will tweak this or at least lower the cost of casting spells, but it will remain in the game for the foreseeable future.

Update v.1.1.282
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It might be worth relying on Lords of the Fallen crossplay going forward, as playing with a friend will at least offer additional support in battle. Whether Lords of the Fallen emerges as one of the best RPG games of the year is still undecided for many players, but the game’s unique spin on bringing two worlds together allows it to stand out from rival titles.

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