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New Lords of the Fallen update nerfs Boss Weapons in PvP

If you rely on Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen and frequent PvP, you should take a moment to read up on the latest patch notes changes.

Lords of the Fallen boss wepaons nerf update 1.1.282: an image of a knight with a lantern

Hexworks’ latest Lords of the Fallen title update is here – with those all-important patch notes now out in the wild – and there’s a lot to look forward to when you boot up the game next. Introducing over 120 changes in the 1.1.282 update, Hexworks is making a whole host of visual improvements, collision fixes, and even adding a better stab sound to LotF. However, there are also some Lords of the Fallen Boss Weapon nerfs for you to deal with – even though they will technically have more levels moving forward.

In an effort to make sure Lords of the Fallen is one of the best soulslikes games of all time, developer Hexworks is hard at work introducing (literally) hundreds of improvements to the game. Ahead of this new patch, it confirmed that the new Lords of the Fallen update was going to tackle performance issues; however, we now know it’s doing a lot more than just that. If you’re working your way through the Lords of the Fallen bosses and you want to take advantage of one of the Boss Weapons you’ve found along the way, you need to be aware that they’ll have more levels moving forward – but, this is actually making them weaker in PvP.

Yeah, we know that doesn’t make as much sense as it could do, but Hexworks has explained things – to an extent.

As you can read for yourself in the impressive Lords of the Fallen patch notes right here, “Boss Weapons will now have 10 levels instead of 5” with a modified upgrade curve that should mean “they are no longer overpowered in PvP”.

Our understanding of this is that, moving forward, each increased level for a Boss Weapon will offer a smaller improvement than before. However, the increased number of levels should mean a more gradual power curve with the highest level weaker than it was. So, while you’ll feel like you’re making more progress as you play, this is ultimately just a nerf.

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In an effort to facilitate this transition from five levels to ten levels, though, Hexworks is temporarily reducing the cost of Deralium Chunks at the shrine – something that should make it easier to try out more of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons and bring your affected Boss Weapons back up to speed. This is all being done in an effort to bring about a more “diverse gameplay experience” when it comes to PvP – to open up the current meta.

Among the 124 changes listed in the latest patch notes, you can also expect to see “enhanced visual feedback when avenging another fallen Lamplighter”, “updated parry sounds (regular and stun) based on player feedback”, and balancing changes for things like Barrage of Echoes, Healing Aura, and Curse of Adyr.

Is this change to Boss Weapons actually going to work, though? Well, it’s a little early to tell, but the fact that Deralium Chunks are cheaper right now is far from a bad thing. There’s no timeline on how long they’re going to be reduced, though, so you should hop in and take advantage while you can.

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