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How to defeat Simon Manus in Lies of P

Find out how to take down this late-game boss in Lies of P on Xbox, PS5, PS4, and PC with our guide on how to defeat Simon Manus in Lies of P

Lies of P Beat Simon Manus: Simon can be seen

How do you beat the Lies of P Simon Manus boss? This character serves as the primary antagonist in the campaign, and you’ll be able to take him out as you get to the end of your journey. Be forewarned, however, that this battle is quite challenging. Your opponent might move slowly, but he also hits hard. Worse, he’s got a devastating ability that can instantly kill your character if you don’t have a lot of health. Our Lies of P Simon Manus boss guide discusses how you can eliminate this foe.

Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Game Pass, and PC. Simon Manus is just one opponent that you’ll face during the campaign. Since you can expect countless hostiles, you might want to check out our guides on the best Lies of P weapons, best Lies of P builds, and best Lies of P Legion Arms. Hopefully, these will help you complete this encounter, and do be warned there are spoilers below.

How to beat Simon Manus in Lies of P

To beat the Lies of P Simon Manus boss, you need to:

  • Dodge a lot – Slow but hard-hitting attacks as he moves around the room need to be dodged
  • Avoid being Disrupted – Orbs that cause the Disruption debuff will instantly kill you once the meter is full
  • Not get trapped by the Hand of God ability – The high-damage Hand of God ability must be avoided at all costs

Phase 1 – Simon Manus, Arm of God

Occurring in the Arche Abbey – Cradle of the Gods, once you approach the center of the tower arena, a cutscene will play. You’ll then need to watch out for the boss’ abilities:

  • Rolling Thunder – Leaps high up into the air, then crashes down on the ground. The boss also rolls while in mid-air, and he might overshoot your location if you’re lucky.
  • Sweeping Strikes – Does slow and easily telegraphed weapon swings in a semicircle arc.
  • Core Imploder – Smashes his weapon on the ground, which then causes an implosion.
  • Core Nova – Smashes his weapon on the ground, which creates a circle of flames that damages you if you’re within its radius.

Lies of P Beat Simon Manus: P can be seen fighting Simon Manus

The first phase is relatively easy. Most of Simon’s attacks are slow and there are noticeable “tells” when he does them. As such, this is primarily about learning his attack patterns, avoiding the hits, and saving your items/flasks for the second phase.

Phase 2: Simon Manus, Awakened God

Once you fully deplete Simon’s HP, another cutscene will play. This time, Simon will call on “God” to grant him power, kickstarting the second phase of the battle.


He’ll retain his abilities from before, and he’ll gain new ones:

  • Disruption Reave – Lunges toward your location while shooting orbs that cause the Disruption debuff. The projectiles are easier to avoid if you’re moving sideways.
  • Disruption Cascade – If you’re further away, the boss will create several orbs that will fly toward your location, causing the Disruption debuff. These projectiles are harder to avoid, so your best bet is to block.
  • Orbital Strike – Blue lights will mark areas on the ground, which will then be followed by explosions.
  • Hand of God – When below 50% HP, the boss will call forth a spectral hand from the heavens. After a few seconds, it will cause a massive explosion in a wide radius. Due to the high damage, it will likely kill your character. The only way to avoid it is to run to the opposite side of the arena.

Simon’s slow attacks are now compounded by a lot of projectiles and explosions happening all over the arena. Ideally, you’ll want to stay close so you can dodge and block his melee strikes. You will need to move around whenever he does Orbital Strike or Core Imploder/Nova.

As for the two Disruption abilities, make sure you’ve equipped a cartridge that grants resistance or you have several Special Purification Ampoules ready. If you’re unable to block a set of projectiles and he follows that up with another blast, then the meter will get filled up, and P will instantly die.

Lies of P Beat Simon Manus: P can be seen fighting Simon Manus

Lastly, watch out for the Hand of God, which has a special effect that occurs whenever it’s cast. It’s imperative that you run to the far side of the circular arena, or you’ll get caught in the blast. We should also note that fighting the boss in the middle of the arena isn’t advisable. If Hand of God gets cast in the center, then it’ll be very hard to avoid.

Beating the fight nets you the Arm of God, a quest item, as well as the Fallen One’s Ergo. The Fallen One’s Ergo can be exchanged for either of these two boss items:

  • Weapon: Noblesse Oblige – Giant club with Motivity A and Technique D scaling; has a skill that causes a massive shockwave at the cost of some ergo currency
  • Amulet: Awakened God’s Amulet – Increases Fable Arts damage inflicted on a staggered enemy

Lies of P Beat Simon Manus: P can be seen with the rewards

A cutscene will also play, where Simon asks you about what happened to Sophia. It’s up to you to decide on your answer.

That’s how you beat Simon Manus in Lies of P. After this, you can interact with the elevator to reach the base of the tower. There, you can see the campaign’s conclusion, which we discuss in our Lies of P endings guide and Lies of P Nameless Puppet fight guide.