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Immortals of Aveum best Talents to buy first

Find out what the best Immortals of Aveum Talents are to buy, so you can enhance your magic power, Furies, and equipment while playing.

Immortals of Aveum Best Talents: Sandrakk can be seen

What are the best Talents in Immortals of Aveum? Ascendant Studios has packed a lot into its battlemage-focused FPS, particularly its skill tree. With three sections and several dozen Talents to unlock, it can be hard to figure out what the Immortals of Aveum best Talents are. Thankfully, that is where this guide comes in.

We have gathered 10 of the top Talents to purchase no matter which of the Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels you are playing on. These were all gathered during our Immortals of Aveum review playthrough and go great with the best gear in Immortals of Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum best Talents

The 10 best Talents in Immortals of Aveum are:

  • Burstshield – best Blue Core Talent
  • Exalted Shield – best Blue Core Talent
  • Deadshot – best Blue Core Talent
  • Impulse – best Red Core Talent
  • Rampage – best Red Core Talent
  • Exalted Blastwave – best Red Blastwave Talent
  • Chaos Fissure – best Red Blastwave Talent
  • Greater Blink – best Green Core Talent
  • Siphon Shield – best Green Core Talent
  • Decay Torrent – best Green Torrent Talent

Immortals of Aveum Best Talents: Jak can be seen casting his shield


Found in the Blue Core tree, Burstshield is one of the earliest Talents you can get. But, its effect is potent, exploding your shield whenever it is broken, dealing a burst of damage, slowing down time, and allowing you to get out of trouble.

Exalted Shield

Also in the Blue Core tree, Exalted Sheild boosts your protection even more, giving the shield an additional 50% of health.


Your Blue Magic will be your trusty reliable spell in a fight. As such, it will be the one you use the most. So, why not boost its damage? Deadshot increases all Blue Magic damage every time you land a critical (stacking up to three times for a 25% boost). As you will be using Blue Magic so often, this is a key Talent to grab when you have enough Ascensions.

Immortals of Aveum Best Talents: Jak can be seen using Blastwave


This Talent is rather simple, just decreasing your reload time. However, it is an easy one to grab and a significant boost.


While not quite as flashy as some of the other Red Magic Talents, this one is a lifesaver. You will have to go through the whole Core tree, but instantly casting your Red Magic Fury and giving you a bunch of armor is nothing to be scoffed at.

Exalted Blastwave

Blastwave is a great Fury. Much better than the Blue Magic one and by boosting the range and knockback, you are making yourself more effective up close. As you reach the last few Immortals of Aveum chapters, you will face off against larger groups of enemies so having something to deal with them is useful.

Chaos Fissure

This upgrade to the Blastwave attack allows you to create a giant fissure damaging more enemies with your blast. A huge explosion following that blast makes it an even more effective attack.

Immortals of Aveum Best Talents: Jak can be seen using Green Magic

Greater Blink

Blink is a critical tool in Immortals of Aveum. Without it, you are effectively a Wizard without your Sigils. It is just as valuable as your weapons so having an extra charge doesn’t hurt.

Siphon Shield

Siphon Shield is great for survival. Following on from some of the Blue Magic upgrades above, this gives you a nice health boost. 25% of any damage your shield takes is absorbed and given to you back as health, which is great for tougher boss fights and some of the more crowded arenas in the game.

Decay Torrent

The first node on the Torrent Talent tree in the Green Magic section is a great one, stacking decay onto your enemies. This slowly withers them down and allows you to rack up damage, especially when combined with other Green Magic sources. Torrent is also one of the best Furies in the game, so it’s worth investing in this tree.

There you have it. With these best Immortals of Aveum Talents, you can now continue on with the story, or open-world activities and wrap up the core campaign. If you want to know how far you have left till you hit the credits, then our guide on the Immortals of Aveum length will let you know what chapter you are on.