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Immortals of Aveum best gear for Jak

Find out what the best Immortals of Aveum gear is so you can power up Jak and survive tougher fights and challenges in the game on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

Immortals of Aveum Best Gear: Jak can be seen

Gear is one of the core ways you can boost your power in Immortals of Aveum. It affects everything from your defense, to your spell power, to how much damage you deal. But, with so many items scattered around the world, what is the Immortals of Aveum best gear?

The information obtained within this guide was obtained during our Immortals of Aveum review and we found gear largely to be added padding here. There are opportunities, for build crafting, but generally, you just want to equip the piece with the biggest number and there is only one type of gear that is the most powerful pairing for the best Talents in Immortals of Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum best gear

The best gear in Immortals of Aveum is Legendary gear, which can be found in Golden Chests, during campaign chapters, as rewards for defeating enemies, completing challenging puzzles, and defeating ‘The Six’ – tough bosses scattered throughout Aveum.

Every single slot in Jak’s customization screen can equip Legendary gear, so by the end of the campaign, if you have spent some Gold and deconstructed useless, low-power items, you should be close to having him fully decked out in Gold.

Immortals of Aveum Best Gear: Jak can be seen decked out in almost entirely legendary gear

Which Legendary gear is most important in Immortals of Aveum?

The most important Legendary gear in Immortals of Aveum is your Sigils, which are your weapons, followed by Totems. These boost your power with spells, while Rings and Bracers are the least important slots to buy Legendary gear for.

Weapons are at the heart of Immortals of Aveum and without them, you will not have an enjoyable time. So, ensuring they are properly powered up and the first things you are upgrading is key to surviving the many fights and bosses in the game.

Immortals of Aveum Best Gear: Jak can be seen with a Legendary Sigil

Now you know what the best gear in Immortals of Aveum is, you can continue working through the Immortals of Aveum chapters. You can also prepare and hone your skills for when you take on one of the Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels that provide more of a challenge.