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Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels and settings

Find out what the Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels and settings are so you know which is right for you when you jump into the FPS on PS5, Xbox, or PC.

Immortals of Aveum Difficulty Levels: The Hand of Sandrakk can be seen

Immortals of Aveum has a lot of challenging fights and bosses. But, that is all affected by your choice of Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels. These fights can become too easy or too hard just by one choice you make at the beginning of the game.

Thankfully, you can change your difficulty in the middle of a playthrough, but what options do you have? Do these options affect the gameplay significantly during the Immortals of Aveum chapters or are they relatively small changes? Find out below with our deep dive on the difficulty settings from our own Immortals of Aveum review playthrough.

Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels

There are three difficulty levels and settings in Immortals of Aveum:

  • Apprentice – easy, more causal, and built for those who want to focus on the story
  • Magnus – medium, balanced, and an experience that will challenge players
  • Immortal – hard, the most challenging difficulty for advanced players

Immortals of Aveum Difficulty Levels: Dificulty levels can be seen

Does your difficulty matter in Immortals of Aveum?

Overall, there really isn’t much to these difficulty levels. They fall very clearly into the obvious three difficulty levels and you can pick the one that fits you best. If you are experienced with shooters, then you will want Magnus. Immortal is particularly hard, especially as the game has a few difficulty spikes.

So, yes your choice does matter. Generally, Magnus is the difficulty you will want as it is the most balanced and enjoyable, allowing you to experience the thrills of combat.

As mentioned, that covers the Immortals of Aveum difficulty levels. There isn’t much to them, just like the game itself which is a relatively straightforward shooter. For even more tips, check out our guides on the best gear in Immortals of Aveum and the best Talents in Immortals of Aveum to equip.