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The Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan banner light cones are tempting options

Players looking to go all-in on the latest character to join HoYoverse's PC and mobile RPG won't be mad with the Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan banner Light Cones.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan banner Light Cones: Jing Yuan

HoYoverse has confirmed the Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan banner Light Cones, dropping the details on which weapons the upcoming RPG character will be flanked by on his release. And by the looks of things, there are some strong inclusions worth pulling for.

As posted over to BiliBili by the official Honkai Star Rail account, rate-ups will be available for four-star Light Cones Only Silence Remains (Hunt), Day One of My New Life (Preservation), and Planetary Rendezvous (Harmony). Of course, Jing Yuan’s own five-star Light Cone, Before Dawn, will be among the pool of available weapons when he arrives on the Honkai Star Rail 1.0 banners.

Kicking off with Before Dawn, Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone is absolutely monstrous, and Erudition characters like Himeko who have follow-up attacks in their kit will be best-positioned to take advantage of all of the stats it has to offer. In fact, we’d even recommend Before Dawn for the Astral Express’ navigator over her own signature Light Cone, Night on the Milky Way.

Of the four-star options, Day One of My New Life is the immediate stand-out. Alongside Landau’s Choice, this Preservation weapon represents the best of the four-star options in its Path. Offering not only defense for the wearer, but percentage damage resistance to the whole team, it’s certainly worth considering donating a few pulls to if you’re really hurting for Light Cones in that department.

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Planetary Rendezvous might not be the most popular Harmony Light Cone right now, due to it performing best in mono teams. However, if you’re planning to run a Tingyun with Jing Yuan then there’s still value to be had. Additionally, should more ways for mono teams to thrive be added – possibly leading to some of them becoming the best Honkai Star Rail team comps – it could age very well indeed. All in all, though, it’s definitely not a must-own Light Cone right now.

Finally, Only Silence Remains is a great Hunt cone thanks to the Crit Rate boost it gives when in single/duo-target encounters. With that said, you should only really consider this if you’re planning on running multiple Hunt characters across your Forgotten Hall teams, and/or haven’t already picked up the five-star Cruising in the Stellar Sea Light Cone from Herta’s Simulated Universe rewards shop.

Suffice to say, the Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan banner Light Cones are a bit of a mixed bag. Though we’d still recommend sticking to trying to get new Honkai Star Rail characters from across the Honkai Star Rail tier list to build out your teams, if you’re going all-in on the Dozing General then you can’t really go wrong.