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Honkai Star Rail to gift you free Stellar Jade, thanks to PS5 players

Honkai Star Rail has hit a huge player count milestone on PS5 and HoYoverse is giving everyone some free Stellar Jade soon to celebrate it.

Honkai Star Rail free Stellar Jade PS5 player count: an image of a character reaching up for some Stellar Jade crystals

Honkai Star Rail players, do you want to get your hands on some free Stellar Jade soon? Well, it doesn’t actually matter whether you do or not, because HoYoverse is giving you some – and you don’t even have to do anything to get it. The recently-released PS5 version of HSR has hit a huge milestone and HoYoverse is giving everyone some free Stellar Jade to celebrate. There’s actually a way you can double the amount you get, too, if you’re quick enough.

When you play Honkai Star Rail, having Stellar Jade is an important part of making sure you have the best Honkai Star Rail characters out there and the best Honkai Star Rail team comp ready to go. It’s actually the currency you use to unlock the characters currently available – which change regularly thanks to the rotating Honkai Star Rail banner schedule. So, while this might not be something you think one of the best RPG games on PS5 should really rely on, Stellar Jade is a huge part of the experience and getting your hands on more of it – without paying for it – is always a good thing.

On November 10, HoYoverse revealed that Honkai Star Rail has surpassed an impressive 1,000,000 players on PS5 consoles alone. Considering the fact that the game has only been available on the platform for just over a month, this is a huge achievement. To celebrate this player count milestone, as you can see for yourself below, HoYoverse is giving everyone 200 Stellar Jade. It isn’t clear whether players on other platforms will get this reward, as the details of the offer only explain that the Stellar Jade will be delivered after November 24 through the in-game mail system. So, if you can download Honkai Star Rail on a PS5 console and play it briefly, we recommend doing that – if anything, just to cover your back.

The language HoYoverse is using, though, does suggest that everyone – no matter which platform they’re playing on – will get free Stellar Jade.

Honkai Star Rail free Stellar Jade PS5 player count: an image of the tweet announcing the free gift

There is, though, actually a way you can almost double the free Stellar Jade you get from HoYoverse – and, all you need to do is chuck a comment under a thread online. That all sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, if this HoYolab forum event thread gets over 10,000 comments before November 17, everyone will get an additional 180 Stellar Jade when HoYoverse gives out its gift after November 24. This alone will give you enough Stellar Jade for two and a half Star Rail Special Passes – which cost 160 Stellar Jade each.

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When you look at the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banners, PS5 players will be able to get Silver Wolf for the first time during the Contract Zero banner. This is going to pop up during the second phase of the Warps available – so, you still have some time to save your Stellar Jade. Even if you don’t want anyone available at the moment, trying to get this extra Stellar Jade is well worth the effort.

Those of you on the hunt for even more free Stellar Jade can check out the latest Honkai Star Rail codes right here – almost all of which will give you some. We know PS5 players are still missing this meta unit, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had with those characters currently available.