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Hogwarts Legacy voice actors - the full cast explained

The wizarding world is full of famous faces and voices and the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors employed to fill the world with life are no different.

Hogwarts Legacy voice actors and cast: Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, played by Simon Pegg.

Who are the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors? Set in a time well before Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and other popular characters, they’ll be a whole new cast of characters to get to know but you will definitely know some of the people playing them.

The Hogwarts Legacy voice actors and cast will be playing characters you meet as you are playing through the game, from the very start from where you choose your Hogwarts Legacy houses to the end of the game. Below, you can find a full list of everyone based on our Hogwarts Legacy review playthrough.

All Hogwarts Legacy voice actors

These are all the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors:

Actor Character
Simon Pegg Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black
Sebastian Croft Masculine Player Voice
Amelia Gething Feminine Player Voice
Lesley Nicol Professor Matilda Weasly
Kandace Caine Professor Onai
Sohm Kapila Professor Satyavati Shah
Luke Youngblood Everett Clopton
Asif Ali Mahendra Pehlwaan
Jason Anthony Nearly Headless Nick, The Sorting Hat

Simon Pegg – Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black

As the current headmaster of the school, Simon Pegg lends his voice to Phineas Nigellus Black, a funny and rather dislikeable headmaster of Hogwarts. Leading the school during the Hogwarts Legacy setting and time period of the game, you will run into him multiple times as you start your school year. The British actor has appeared in numerous other shows and films.

Sebastian Croft – masculine voice option for the playable character

Sebastian Croft lends their voice to the game as the voice of the playable character if you choose the more masculine option in the Hogwarts Legacy character creation. Sebastian is most known for his appearance in Heartstopper on Netflix in 2022.

Amelia Gething – feminine voice option for the playable character

Amelia Gething on the other hand plays the feminine voice of the main player character. Amelia has appeared in a few other projects but most notably played Anne Brontë in 2022’s Emily.

Lesley Nicol – Professor Matilda Weasley

Lesley Nichol has been on a number of different classical shows but plasy the lead one of the Weasley family in Hogwarts Legacy. Lesley has worked across TV, animation, theatre, and now games, with one of her biggest roles being Mrs. Patmore in Downtown Abbey.

Kandace Caine – Professor Onai

Kandace has mostly voiced characters in shows and shorts, as well as voicing Nila Brown in Modern Warfare 2 last year. However, she has appeared in some live action projects. In Hogwarts Legacy she plays Professor Onai, one of the teachers in Hogwarts and the mother of the Hogwarts Legacy companion Natsai Onai.

Sohm Kapila – Professor Satyavati Shah

Sohm has appeared in anumber of different projects over the last few years. Most recently she was in Untitled Horror Movie and also 2017’s The Mummy movie. In Hogwarts Legacy she will play another one of the professors, Satyavati Shah.

Luke Youngblood – Everett Clopton

Luke Youngblood was actually in a Harry Potter movie, all the way back in 2001 playing Lee Jordan in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Store/Sorcerer’s Stone. But, in Hogwarts Legacy Luke is instead playing Everett Clopton a Ravensclaw student.

Asif Ali – Amit Thakkar

Amit is a Ravenclaw student and Asif lends his voice to them. Asif has been in a number of different projects including Wandavision, Don’t Worry Darling, and The Mandalorian.

Jason Anthony – Nearly Headless Nick and the Sorting Hat

Jason Anthony has leant his voice to many games over the last few years, including playing Ron in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. But, he has also played Otter across Call of Duty games, and in 2022 player both Teclis and Prince Aravel in Total War: Warhammer III.

That covers the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors and cast who are a part of the selection of people you will meet as you play. While you play you will partake in a variety of activities and missions, but one of those you won’t get to participate in is Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch, but there are still a wide variety of Hogwarts Legacy spells to use.

Hogwarts Legacy has drawn considerable criticism during its development, largely due to the fact that the creator of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has made a number of transphobic remarks on social media in recent years.

While Avalanche has confirmed that J.K. Rowling is not “directly involved” in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, it is working with “her team” and Portkey Games, a Warner Bros. label dedicated to launching new experiences inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories. It is currently unclear whether she will earn any royalties from the game’s sale, but it is likely given it is based on her original body of work.

If you would like to learn more about transgender rights or lend your support, we’d encourage you to check out the National Center for Transgender Equality in the US and Mermaids in the UK.