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All High On Life movies you can watch in-game

Get the full list of High On Life movies that you can watch in-game and see either in your home or at the movie theater after using the warp disk

High On Life Movies: Sweezy can be seen shooting some enemies

If you haven’t heard already, there are a number of High On Life movies for you to watch as you are playing through the game. But, what movies are they and more interestingly are they any good? Well, in Justin Roiland fashion, they definitely aren’t well-known today and are mostly a joke.

But, each of them can be found as you are progressing through the game and defeating the High On Life bosses. Of course, as the main pain in your ass throughout the whole journey, you will need to have found Gene’s location in High On Life to be able to see most of these.

All High On Life movies

There are a total of four High On Life movies you can watch at points throughout the game. These are:

  • Tammy and The T-Rex (1994)
  • Blood Harvest (1987)
  • Vampire Hookers (1978)
  • Demon Wind (1990)

Blood Harvest, Tammy and The T-Rex, and Vampire Hookers are all watched by Gene on the TV at various points as you are working your way through the game. While you may be tempted to go off and complete some of the High On Life missions and bounties, you can just sit there and watch the films if you want when Gene decides to switch them on.

The fourth film, however, Demon Wind, can only be found in the movie theatre which is able to be summoned in via one of the High On Life Warp Discs. It can be spawned from the Zephyr Paradise after you have found out the uses for the High On Life Warp Crystals and purchased it from Blorto’s. You will also get yourself an achievement for warping in the movie theatre on the planet.

Each of the films is notoriously terrible, all with poor reviews and generally forgotten about except for when they are bought up in bad movie lists or mentioned as guilty pleasures. But, these High On Life movies is nonetheless a fun easter egg for you to see as you progress throughout the game. For more on the game, be sure to check out our High On Life walkthrough which is filled with tips and guides.