Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack skates onto Spotify to make your playlist great

Xbox Game Pass smash hit Hi-Fi Rush contains a library of pure bops and now the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack can streamed over and over again on Spotify and more.

Chai in the game Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox Series X

Yes, we know, you’re waiting for The Evil Within 3 release date like us too. Until then, developer Tango Gameswork is about heat up the airwaves with the official release of the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack. And we don’t mean just pure fire unleashed in tunes from The Black Keys or Nine Inch Nails. This is the real deal for Hi-Fi Rush fans, as all the masterful songs arrive in full pristine audio glory on popular music streaming services.

Players who dove into Hi-Fi Rush will know that Starfield helmers Bethesda unveiled the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack on YouTube upon the game’s release, though many players have been awaiting a full-length release elsewhere. Well, the calls of blasting bonafide tunes have been heard. Now, the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack has been quietly released on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. However, rival services such as Tidal and Amazon Music have yet to follow the trend of giving fans the soundtrack on-the-go.

Aside from the game’s kinetically fresh and vibrant gameplay, players were quick to show praise for the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack and song list. Several of the game’s action setpieces utilised the works of bands like acclaimed blue-rock duo The Black Keys, industrial-rock legends Nine Inch Nails, and the critically acclaimed EDM group The Prodigy.

However, this full Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack release focuses on the works of The Glass Pyramids, Shuichi Kobori, Masatoshi Yanagi, and REO.

As players explore each and every action beat in all of the Hi-Fi Rush chapters, there are other surprises in store to discover. If you can muscle your way through the Hi-Fi bosses, then this cheeky nod to The Evil Within 3 will be worth your blood, sweat, and tears. Whether the long-rumoured horror sequel comes to fruition is still debated by fans, but we hope that Tango Gameworks decides to deliver the goods one day.

But that does mean there is loads of time to master your Hi-Rush combos. That’s if you’re already playing the game that is. If you haven’t dove into this Xbox Game Pass gem, then The Loadout’s official Hi-Fi Rush review has what you need to know.

It’ll certainly tide you over until Bethesda finally zeros in on the Starfield release date, which undoubtedly be a treat for RPG game fans.