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Hi-Fi Rush bosses

Use your newfound power over music and scrap metal axe to bring the fight to the Hi-Fi Rush bosses to dismantle the Vandaley megacorporation for good.

Hi-Fi Rush bosses: The evil CEO of Vandaley megacorp, Vale, standing proud on a balcony.

Hi-Fi Rush is all about fast-paced action to the beat of the music, this extends to the Hi-Fi Rush bosses and boss fights which maintain that high sense of style and flare that makes the rest of the game such as blast. With that said, here are all the Hi-Fi Rush bosses and boss fights you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Not everyone in Tango Gameworks’ new game is out to get you like the Hi-Fi Rush bosses are, some Hi-Fi Rush characters are even allies. While you’re learning about the colourful cast of characters, you can also find out more about the Hi-Fi Rush voice actors and cast that bring them to life. If the music is more your groove, then here’s the full song list for the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack. Lastly, there will obviously also be spoilers below for the Hi-Fi Rush bosses, so be warned!

Hi-Fi Rush bosses

Here are all the Hi-Fi Rush bosses and boss fights you’ll be up against during the story:

  • QA-1MIL – Track 1
  • Rekka – Track 2
  • Korsica – Track 7
  • Mimosa – Track 9
  • Kale – Track 11

We’ll update this guide with more information on boss fights as we progress through the game. Hi-Fi Rush has, of course, just come out so we are slowly working our way through.

The main Hi-Fi Rush bosses beyond QA-1MIL in the first level are likely the big baddies of the story – the Vandelay megacorp leaders – who have a bone to pick with main character Chai. For example, Rekka is the Head of Production, Zanzo is the Head of Research & Development, Korsica is the Head of Security, and Kale is the CEO of the Vandelay megacorp.

To defeat these bosses, you’ll want to make full use of the Hi-Fi Rush combos and Beat Hits to deal extra damage and with added style. You can also use the abilities of your allies for even more firepower and support in the tougher boss fights and upgrade Chai’s abilities with the Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hi-Fi Rush bosses. Get your groove on and take down the Vandelay megacorp. No doubt you’re hungry for more on this Game Pass debut hit, so stop by our Hi-Fi Rush walkthrough for more tips and guides. Otherwise, you can find out all Xbox Game Pass games available right now to pick your next gaming experience.