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Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits locations

If you’re looking to make Chai the best rockstar that has ever lived, you’ll need to find Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits to craft some stat-boosting chips.

Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits locations: Chai looking at his new robot arm in Hi-Fi Rush

Armed with a scrap-made guitar and a passion for music, Chai can give a beating to the, well, beat. However, his abilities are limited at the start of the game, but Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits can change that quickly. Used to craft special chips, these collectibles can be found across the missions, or tracks, that Chai goes on.

Whether you prefer to upgrade your recovery rate when picking up health, or give yourself a longer combo during fights in Hi-Fi Rush, these chips are great for building a better Chai suited to your playstyle. So, start listening to the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack, and get to finding all of these circuits as soon as you can.

Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits locations

There are plenty of Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits that can be found across the games’ missions, usually hidden around corners, behind barrels and boxes, or sometimes they’re completely obvious.

Whenever you enter a new area of the game, make sure to check around corners, and pick up as many Gears as you can find. You’ll usually find Armstrong Circuits near Gears.

That’s where to find Hi-Fi Rush Armstrong Circuits. Before you head back into the rocking world of the game, check out the Hi-Fi Rush voice actors and cast to see who is behind your favourite characters. Or you can take a look at the Hi-Fi Rush combos to practice some new moves.