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Hi-Fi Rush chapters, mission list

The Hi-Fi Rush chapters and missions will take you through the rockin’ story of Chai and friends as they take down the bosses of Vandelay.

Hi-Fi Rush chapters and missions list: Rekka introduction in Hi-Fi Rush

If you wanted to be a rockstar with the ability to hack-and-slash at an evil corporation, then Hi-Fi Rush might just be for you. The game, a surprise hit from Tango Gameworks, sees players take on the role of Chai as he gets through each of the Hi-Fi Rush chapters, taking on an army of robots.

As you learn the Hi-Fi Rush combos and practice against any and everything that Kale and his cohort throw at you, you may be wondering the Hi-Fi Rush length and how many missions (or tracks, as they are officially called) you have left to play through. Well, plug in your headphones, start listening to the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack, and find out how many you need to finish.

Hi-Fi Rush chapters list

Hi-Fi Rush features a variety of chapters/missions that take you to different stages of Vandelay corporation, each with their own gimmick. We’re unsure of how many tracks there are currently. Here’s the list of tracks below:

  • Track 1: A Fresh Start (45-60 minutes)
  • Track 2: Power Up (50-60 minutes)
  • Track 3: Trial By (Volcanic) Fire (50-60 minutes)
  • Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems (40-45 minutes)
  • Track 5: Breaking Out! (50-60 minutes)
  • Track 6: L.I.F.T Me Up (15-20 minutes)
  • Track 7: The Climb (50-60 minutes)
  • Track 8: A History Lesson (40-50 minutes)
  • Track 9: Take the Stage (15-20 minutes)
  • Track 10: A Masterplan (45-50 minutes)
  • Track 11: The Needle Drop (25 – 30 minutes)
  • Track 12: Curate the Future (30 minutes)

That’s the full Hi-Fi Rush chapters and missions list. Before you head back and find the rhythm, check out the full Hi-Fi Rush characters list to find out more about who you’ve already met. And when you’ve done that, find out the Hi-Fi Rush voice actors behind your favourites.