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Hi-Fi Rush length and how long to beat estimation

If you are jumping in, let us tell you how long you will spend in Tango Gameworks' latest with our guide on the Hi-Fi Rush length and how long to beat the game.

Hi-Fi Rush length: Peppermint and Chai can be seen

Hi-Fi Rush has landed on Game Pass, Xbox and PC, and as everyone gets stuck into the unique rhythm-action game, many want to know how much time it will suck away from them this month. So what is the exact Hi-Fi Rush length and time to beat the game?

Below, you can find an estimation of how long you will spend in the game, completing the different Tracks and levels on offer. As we haven’t rolled credits yet, we are only able to give an estimation, which is based on some extensive playtime and research on the game and the Hi-Fi Rush characters.

Hi-Fi Rush length

Hi-Fi Rush looks to be about 8-12 hours long for a story-focused playthrough. If you want to revisit areas or collect everything, you will likely spend about 15-20 hours playing.

This comes down to each of the Hi-Fi Rush chapters or tracks varying in length depending on how much you explore. Generally though each one is about 40 minutes to an hour. There are a total of seven bosses, as revealed by the achievement list for the game. But, not all of the chapters have a boss at the end. So by factoring in additional chapters, the length of each one, and some natural exploration, this is about how long you will spend in the game.

So there you have it, the Hi-Fi Rush length and time to beat the game. If you are jumping in and attacking enemies to the excellent Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack, be sure to check out our Hi-Fi Rush walkthrough hub which has guides galore for you to feast your eyes upon.