Halo Infinite update – the latest multiplayer patch notes

What's in the latest Halo Infinite update? Take a look at the Halo Infinite patch notes for the newest update on PC and Xbox consoles

Halo Infinite Update: a Spartan can be seen running towards the camera.

Halo Infinite updates will now start rolling out as the multiplayer mode has gone live early ahead of the campaign’s December 8, 2021 release date. With Halo Infinite ranks to chase, a battle pass to rank up in Season 1, and a collection of playlists to get stuck into, 343 Industries has its work cut out to keep the world of Halo Infinite fair and balanced for all.

And with the multiplayer mode also being free-to-play, the game is set to bring in an even bigger audience than ever before. As such, millions of players worldwide will be looking to work out what 343 is tweaking in the  Halo Infinite update patch notes.

In this guide, we will give you the rundown of what has been tweaked with the latest Halo Infinite update so you know what you are in store for the next time you boot up the game on your Xbox or PC.

343 hasn’t confirmed the cadence of the Halo Infinite updates, but once we get a few weeks into the first Season of the game we should have a better idea.


A new Halo Infinite update is now live on Xbox and PC. It is only 670 MB. The patch notes can be found below, from 343 Industries:

  • Halo Credits purchased outside of Steam, for example in the Microsoft Store, are now reflected when playing Halo Infinite on Steam
  • Oddball rounds now have a 5-minute timer in matchmaking
  • Stability improvements in Big Team Battle matches
  • Various service-related improvements

Halo Infinite Update – November 18

343 has deployed an update that allows players to earn XP by completing games, with a “play 1 game” daily challenge having been added.

Challenges have also been updated to better reflect all skill levels with Heat of the Moment, It Bears Repeating, Jorge Would Be Proud, and Ultra Tech being fixed. XP boosts now also last 1 hour, rather than 30 minutes.

Halo Infinite Update – November 15

Today’s Halo Infinite Multiplayer update launched the beta for the game, allowing everyone on PC and Xbox to get stuck into Halo Infinite Season 1.

This update also added in every map, mode, weapon, and playlist so you can experience the full Halo Infinite multiplayer, whether playing casually or chasing those Halo Infinite ranks.

We will continue to update this guide as more Halo Infinite updates are released.

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