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Halo Infinite Season 2 update - the latest patch notes

What's in the latest Halo Infinite update? Take a look at the Halo Infinite patch notes for the newest update on PC and Xbox consoles

Halo Infinite Update: a Spartan can be seen running towards the camera.

Halo Infinite updates are in full swing with both the multiplayer and campaign being available now for everyone. With Halo Infinite ranks to chase, a battle pass to rank up in Season 1, and a collection of objectives in the game’s campaign, 343 Industries has its work cut out to keep the world of Halo Infinite fair, balanced, and free of bugs.

With the multiplayer mode also being free-to-play, the game is set to bring in an even bigger audience than ever before. As such, millions of players worldwide will be looking to work out what 343 is tweaking in the  Halo Infinite update patch notes and fixing with collectibles so they can make use of everyone’s Halo Infinite walkthrough.

In this guide, we will give you the rundown of what has been tweaked with the latest Halo Infinite update so you know what you are in store for the next time you boot up the game on your Xbox or PC.


Halo Infinite’s Season 2 just dropped and here is what it brings to the table:

A new battle pass

  • Season 2 introduces a new 100-tier Battle Pass with up to 180 rewards. Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass is required to earn all rewards and 1,000 Halo Credits, but all players will be able to unlock free tiers that include rewards like Challenge Swaps, armor pieces, and the all new Lone Wolves armor core: RAKSHASA.

New multiplayer game modes

  • Last Spartan Standing – In this free-for-all (FFA) experience, 12 players spawn with a confined loadout and 5 respawns. Once a player runs out of respawns and can no longer participate, they can either spectate or leave the match without penalty.
  • King of the Hill – In Ranked Arena matches, Hill locations follow a strict sequence on each map. In non-Ranked matches, however, the first Hill will always appear in the same spot on each map while later Hill locations are randomized.
  • Land Grab – Land Grab’s debut is tied to Season 2’s Fracture event, Entrenched, and will first be available in matchmaking when this recurring event launches on May 24th, 2022. After its debut, it will appear in matchmaking again as a rotational playlist, in Custom Games and be available during the Fracture event, Entrenched.

New rotating playlists

  • In addition to the new modes listed above, several new playlists will begin to rotate in and out of Halo Infinite’s matchmaking. The first rotational playlist of the season is Rumble Pit. Replacing Free-For-All (FFA) Slayer, Rumble Pit is an FFA playlist with more mode variants to create more FFA gameplay variety.

New multiplayer maps

  • Big Team Battle – Breaker
  • Arena – Catalyst

New player outline options

  • The opacity and thickness of player outlines can now be adjusted.

New console frame rates

  • Xbox Series S consoles now support a 120hz refresh option. Xbox Series X now support a 30Hz refresh option.

Balance changes

  • Melee damage has been reduced by 10% in both multiplayer and campaign.
  • In multiplayer, this change to melee damage makes the Mangler a 2-shot beatdown rather than a 1-shot beatdown.
  • In Ranked multiplayer only, the Battle Rifle has increased melee damage.
  • This change was made to preserve the Battle Rifle’s two-burst beatdown after the global melee reduction.
  • Other changes to melee will also result in the following improvements for multiplayer:
  • “Traded” melee kills will occur more often now than in Season 1.
  • Improved snapping to enemies during melee lunges.
  • Improved enemy collision immediately after meleeing.
  • Mangler – reduced starting reserve ammo from 24 to 16. Reduced max ammo capacity from 56 to 40.
  • Ravager – the Ravager’s base shot is now stronger than before and is therefore capable of a two-burst kill.
  • Drop wall – the Drop Wall is now stronger than before and deploys faster once it hits the ground.
  • Overshield – Overshield now grants an additional half bar of shielding.
  • Warthog – Warthog’s tire positions and suspension have been adjusted to better improve its handling on uneven terrain.
  • Chopper – when boosting, the Chopper will now one hit kill all vehicles except for the Scorpion and Wraith.
  • Banshee – Banshee can now move slower and faster than before, including when turning. Weapons cooldown faster and deal more damage.
  • Slide – velocity gained from landing into a slide on a ramp has proportional reduction based on fall height.
  • Jumps – fixed smoothing out traversal on the ground. Fixing player’s standing on out of bounds rock ledges. Removing or adjusting collision on small props and thin ledges.

There have also been a plethora of other general bug fixes, which can be found in detail in the patch notes for all the smallest changes.06


A new hotfix for Halo Infinite has just gone live and includes the following fixes in a Halo Infinite update for Xbox and PC:


  • Improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players should see quicker and more stable reconnections to our services.


  • MJOLNIR Armor Locker customizations collected in Campaign are now consistently unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
    • Players who did not receive their customizations, either due to losing their internet connection or using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles, should now have their customizations unlocked.
  • Xbox Achievement reliability has been improved in this update.
    • Achievements no longer track progress toward their completion, but will unlock as expected when their conditions are met.
    • If an Achievement’s conditions were met prior to this update but the Achievement did not unlock as completed yet, it should unlock after installing this update and continuing Campaign gameplay.


This new Halo Infinite update today will include challenge changes, removing some and lowering the requirements for others. On top of that, new playlist updates will add Slayer, Tactical Slayer, Free For All, and Fiesta to the game permanently.

The patch notes from 343 Industries can be seen below:

New Matchmaking playlists are being introduced: 

  • Team Slayer
  • Free-For-All (FFA) Slayer
  • Fiesta Slayer
  • Tactical Slayer

If you do not see these playlists in-game, close and re-launch Halo Infinite to ensure you’ve received the latest changes. The Matchmaking playlist menu scrolls as well, so ensure you’ve scrolled down to view all available options.

Challenge changes: 

  • Easing or removal of some difficult Challenges
  • Weekly Ultimate Challenges are now less intensive
  • New Challenges specific to New Playlists added in this update
  • New type of Challenge that rewards in-game Personal Score

Event changes: 

  • More Event Challenges appear when an Event is active


Today’s Halo Infinite update is now live and includes the game’s campaign, allowing you to download the full campaign and start playing Master Chief’s latest adventure. You will initially have a 4GB download and can then download the rest of the campaign from the game’s menu.


A new Halo Infinite update is now live on Xbox and PC. It is only 670 MB. The patch notes can be found below, from 343 Industries:

  • Halo Credits purchased outside of Steam, for example in the Microsoft Store, are now reflected when playing Halo Infinite on Steam
  • Oddball rounds now have a 5-minute timer in matchmaking
  • Stability improvements in Big Team Battle matches
  • Various service-related improvements

Halo Infinite Update – November 18

343 has deployed an update that allows players to earn XP by completing games, with a “play 1 game” daily challenge having been added.

Challenges have also been updated to better reflect all skill levels with Heat of the Moment, It Bears Repeating, Jorge Would Be Proud, and Ultra Tech being fixed. XP boosts now also last 1 hour, rather than 30 minutes.

Halo Infinite Update – November 15

Today’s Halo Infinite Multiplayer update launched the beta for the game, allowing everyone on PC and Xbox to get stuck into Halo Infinite Season 1.

This update also added in every map, mode, weapon, and playlist so you can experience the full Halo Infinite multiplayer, whether playing casually or chasing those Halo Infinite ranks.

We will continue to update this guide as more Halo Infinite updates are released.